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What is switch up?

The act of going "Ass to Mouth." Taking your Rod out of her ass and plunging it in the vagina or mouth, unexpectedly.

I was tired of anal, yet too lazy to clean up my cock, so I pulled a dirty switch-up and shot my wad deep in her taco-box!

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switch up - video

Switch up - what is it?

The act of taking a dump, then turning around and throwing up into the toilet, then sitting on the toilet again to continue your shit.

Dude, I just ate some taco bell now I have to African switch-up!

That's disgusting, man!

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What does "switch up" mean?

Someone who uses on off pleasantness.

Usually kind to turn sour.
And is actually just an asshole

Ew Switch ups

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Switch up - what does it mean?

To change state of mind or leave, usually when one is hostile.

You better switch up real quick before I give you a can of whoop ass.

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Switch up - meaning

When a person acts differently either because they don't wanna hang out with you no more or they feel they too good for you. IT'S WRONG DON'T DO IT.

I remember my girl Kylie we used to hang out all the time but now she switching up so I don't fuck with her no more

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Switch up - definition

When someone fucks with you heavy then fuck with a enemy

Damn tony switched up on me for jackson

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Switch up - slang

When you used to be close with someone and now you're not because they're not who they try to appear to be.They've given you a reason to change up your whole attitude and perspective.You were friends with them and kind of low and now you've become your own and you're on top.

Kim K switched up after she left Paris Hilton's entourage.

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Switch up

Someone who changes actions or mannerisms at a moments notice with friends or associates.

Niggas will switch up that fast these days...

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Switch up

when a person suddenly changes their behavior towards you for the worst.

Aw man, I used to fuck with her heavy but she switched up.

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Switch up

when ur mood is calm , then someone does something, they your mod faes up and you are really mad in an instance, uve switched up

happy boy, someone steps on his toe at goose fair, boy switches up and starts smackin' the place out

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