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What is swift kick?

Swift Kick comes from Cobar, Australia or generally western Nsw. Made by a true blue bogan.

I’m going to swift kick you in the dick so it’s in your guts

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swift kick - video

Swift kick - what is it?

To run like a pussy from feds/goons/angry parents, usually while abandoning your friends and losing all dignity in the process

Honky 1: Shit! Goons up ahead!

Honky 2: Kick swift!

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What does "swift kick" mean?

when a man or woman strikes a man in the balls with great speed usually resulting in falling over and rolling around in pain

Gio gave kev a swift kick in the balls

kev gave angelo a swift kick in the balls

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Swift kick - what does it mean?

To steal the rightful spotlight from someone.Usually done with bad intentions or out of jealousy.Commonly performed by those in need of constant attention.Derived from the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV Awards,at which Kanye West innapropriately grabbed the microphone and went on a his own rant during her big moment.

Denise:"Did you see the Swift kick?"

Abigail: "You mean when Cindy was blowing out her birthday candles and her little brother started throwing a tantrum for no reason?...Yeah I saw it."

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