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What is stunning?

1. Used to describe something that exhibits a superior level of "coolness” or sophistication.

I really want that shirt; its so stun!

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Stunning - what is it?

Quality possessed by an attractive woman.

Yo man, that girl got hella stun. She froze me when she walked in.

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What does "stunning" mean?

a saying in Newfoundland, Canada that means stupid

Johnny is so stunned that he cannot tie his own shoelaces without on his own. He's an idiot.

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Stunning - what does it mean?

The striking, cultivating beauty of a female giving pause (loss of thought) and causes astounding captivation and lust to another. The observer's characteristics of a woman found to be stunning are β€˜deer-the-headlights’ and jaw-dropping facial behaviors, as well as loss of speech generated from the concentrated efforts to suppress the uncontrollable arousal stemming from desire. This differs from beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous in that it highlights elegance and class.

"Did you see Tarra?" "Ya, seen her at the pool today and she stopped me in my tracks, she is stunning."

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Stunning - meaning

What makes a girl pretty is her face.
What makes a girl hot is her body.
What makes a girl cute is her behavior.
What makes a girl beautiful is her personality.
What makes a girl STUNNING is all of the above.

She is everything I have ever wanted; she is stunning.

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Stunning - definition

being between high and sober

: bruh you stonned?
:nah i’m just stunned

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Stunning - slang

An adjective used to describe someone who gives you butterflies every time they enter the room and who make it impossible to focus on anything but them. Also in some cases, a word used to describe someone you would do absolutely anything for!

Dude, she was stunning!

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awesomely beautiful, gorgeous to look at

That dress is stunning, I must wear it

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Beyond Gorgeous; Remarkable.

What a stunning young man.

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1. very good-looking
2. attractive
3. sexy

wow look at him! he is stunning!

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