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What is strike?

What someone gets when they commit an act of gayness.

More then one strike may br given in times of great gayness.

Andrew:"I'm tanning my thighs with a guy right now."
Matt: Strike.

Kellen:"I'm too hot to be straight"
Cody: Strike.

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Strike - what is it?

to not do what you're supposed to do

"Autumn, why did you not brew more coffee? Are ya on strike?"

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What does "strike" mean?

1. To delete something in a document/train of thought.

2. The physical act of taking something down--usually via a quick and dirty method.

3. A organized walk-out, usually union sanctioned, with the goal of gaining better working conditions.

1. No, strike that. That's not what I meant.

2. Allright, let's strike this bitch so we can all go get drunk.

3. Passerby: What's with the signs?

Workers: We're on strike till we get paid a decent wage!

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Strike - what does it mean?

a word given from one friend to another friend when that friend has made an attempt at being funny or has said something that makes them look stupid

Lance: bra im so lifted rite now im like in outter space

J.Smith: Strike

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to walk really raelly really fast; in a hurry on foot

My bus was late so I was strikin' it to class.

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What the noble union members do when corporate bitches go too far. A strike is a muscle that needs to be flexed occasionally, to keep those greedy, money-grubbing freaks in check. Unions/strikes are the ONLY reason we are not all eraning $1/day for work today.

God bless the Teamsters, AFL-CIO, and the UAW! WOOOOOT! 11111!

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Something given to a person when they commit an act of gayness.

More than one strike may be given in times of great gayness.

Andrew: "I'm tanning my thighs with a guy right now."
Matt: "Strike."

Kellen: "I'm too hot to be straight."
Cody: "Strike, no, five strikes."

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theatre slang for the deconstruction of a production (dismantling sets, collecting rentals, removing pit instruments, etc.)

As soon as the house is clear on closing night, we'll have to strike the show.

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to shoot someone dead; to kill a rival gang member

"This blood got three strikes on some crips last week."

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A typically French past-time

Claude: Hey Jean-Paul I'm bored what shall we do to kill time?

Jean-Paul: Why don't we go on strike?

Claude: Good idea, that sounds like fun!

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