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What is stressful?

Stress: (V) When you want strangle the living shit out of some ass hole who probably deserves it.

I feel like taking my stress out on John.

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Stressful - what is it?

Swag, B.S. weed

Stay away from that stress

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What does "stressful" mean?

A mental block that clouds your brain when people piss the fuck out of you, and all you can think about is beating the living soul outta them. When you eat sooo much you undergo a transformation of becoming FATT, yes, big belly fat, and u start having amnesia about the normal duties of life like showering.

A good scenario would be going to a fucked up school with fucked up people, and when you dont get enough time to study you have to stress about pretending to be sick or actually GETTING urself sick so you dont have to go to school the next day.


Guy who Threw Crap: Here! Let me throw another one at you!!!!!


The Guy unfortunately gets beaten up reallll good!
what can i say? stress some1 out like that and this is whatcha get!!

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Stressful - what does it mean?

its a california slang term which defines a type of weed that is so shitty it causes "stress". the slang originated from the outskirts of southern californian beaches which was passed along until it reached the main cities. many tourists come to CA looking for bomb ass chronic, or chron, but end up with stress because they don't understand CA slang.

Person A: Dude i bought this bomb ass chronic for a tight ass price from a dude that's in my Bio class dude...
Person B: What the fuck are u talkin' about dude... that shit's haggard as fuck... look at it!
Person A: ur right dude it looks shitty... it's not even furry and fluffy dude.. what should i do dude
Person B: it's ur fault.. dude.. u bought stress u fucking idiot

Tourist: hi im from Canada!
Cali pothead dude: that's chill...
Tourist: u got weed, eh?
Cali pothead dude: maybe..... what u lookin for dude.. i mite got what u need
Tourist: im looking for something that might help my "stress"
Cali pothead dude: so ur looking for stress?
Tourist: ??? yeah yeah wutever dude yeah ???
Cali pothead dude: haha 25 bucks a gram dude
Tourist: wut the fuck this is shitty!!!!!
Cali pothead dude: ur face is haggard

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Stressful - meaning

An unpleasant by-product of life in modern society.

Though seemingly easier, life in today's society causes more stress than ever before.
Bob finds the endless repetition of his 9 to 5 life stressful.
Bob was quite stressed after his wife divorced him and won 80% of their combined assets in court.
"Bob had a nervous breakdown after he lost all his money in Enron shares. He should stress less."

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Stressful - definition

1) To be overwhelmed with responsiblity.
2) To contain an enormous amount of pressure.
3) To emphasize meaning.
4) What women cause.

1. "Aw fuzjit, i have so much damn homework to do!"
2. "The pillars cant handle much more stress sir!"
3. "I cant stress the importance of this enough!"
4. "Ahhhh!"

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Stressful - slang

Don't stress about it.

Person: I'm so sorry!
You: No stress. It's all good.

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shitty ass weed. also known as schwag

cali term i think.

I dont want this stress, it has fuckin seeds! Pass that hydro

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The one thing everyone has and no one want, stress is a complete asshole. It'll fuck you when you're up, and It'll fuck you when you're down. It is known to cause Suicide, murder, tumors, AIDS, and cancer. So Don't get stressed out, cause stress SUCKS! Usually caused by something unfortunate, like death, job loss, woman loss, school, etc.

Guy: Dude, I'm really stressed

Friend: Why?

Guy: I lost my job, and I failed all my classes

Friend: Well man, don't kill yourself, you'll be alright

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The confusion caused when ones mind overrides the body’s natural desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole that desperately needs it.

I used to have stress all the time but now that I've read this I've been able to be stress free!

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