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What is stray?

"Stray" the combination of the words straight and gay. Used to describe a male with metrosexual tendencies whose sexuality may be questioned due to his fashion sense.

Beth: Check out that guy over there rocking the Roberto Cavalli pants. I'd approach him but my luck he likes guys.

Tammy: Go for it, he's not gay, he's stray!

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Stray - what is it?

A hot lonely girl.

Dude look at that stray at the table, time to creep!

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What does "stray" mean?

a term used to tell if a female is single or not, just out there.

Whats the word on that hooker, who owns that? She's a stray anyones for the taking.

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Stray - what does it mean?

The combination of straight and gay. Many, many people in this world today are stray, they may just not know it, or be too afraid to admit it. Though, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Being stray is a beautiful thing.

Guy 1: Bro, i can't tell if i like dudes or not. Like i find you really hot, but i also think your girlfriends really hot.

Guy 2: Its all good man, your stray, just like the rest of us.

Girl 1: Mmmmm baby you taste so good keep it cumming *orgasm*

Girl 2: We have to do this again, mm, I love sharing my nutella with you. And the best part is that we're stray.

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a questionably straight man that behaves in a stereotypical homosexual manner and often wears clothes that may not be considered masculine by his peers.

Have you noticed that Bill is a bit of a stray?

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A straight man who dress and/or acts gay. Commonly have lisps and enjoy arts/culture. Similar to but not altogether the same as Metrosexual . Also, see British

Although I act gay, I'm actually just stray. Which basically means the same thing, except if you try to stick anything up my ass I will knock you out.

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A Straight man who is a social gay (Stra-gay = stray)

Jimmy Carr, 2004 "...I call myself a stray. I'm a straight man, but a social gay. I can tell my female friends if their hair looks nice, or their shoes don't match their outfit....but i wont accept a man's cock up my arse!"

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A derogatory word for heterosexuals equivalent to 'faggot'.

I'm sick of men and women forming relationships together! Those damn strays don't realize love should only be between two men, or two women! They really ought to attend a Pray the Stray away meeting.

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A term for a gay man and a straight man who have entered a nonsexual bromance. A portmanteau of gay and straight.

Gay Man #1: You've been hanging out with Samuel a lot lately, doesn't he have a girlfriend?
Gay Man #2: Nah dude it's chill, we're stray for each other. He's my stray.

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A broad who is out alone, without her pack, just looking to get laid

I nailed a stray last night!

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