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What is stop talking?

Aligning words in such a way that makes both thought and composition of sentence structure come to a complete stop Midway through responding to your talk stopping.

In a debate it was the talk stopping that brought me to Glory

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Stop talking - what is it?

Implying the person is lying or spreading bullshit, so you tell them to shut the actual fuck up.

Jane: I lost my virginity last night!
Ratchel: Stop talking out your ass, you'll never get laid!

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What does "stop talking" mean?

Earfucking is the practice by a persons of talking non- stop. If anyone else tries to comment the earfucker simply talks over them. The earfucker is a nightmare for people who are trapped with them in a car, a dinner table or office. They are often also called time suckers or a time suck.

She was non stop talking the entire trip. She earfucked me the whole two hour car ride. I think I said two words maybe.

He is always in non stop talking mode. He earfucked me at my desk for a full hour. He's a total time suck.

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Stop talking - what does it mean?

This is something you say if someone is acting like a Ruby. It can be used casually or angrily.


"Wow Ruby finally stopped talking"

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Stop talking - meaning

term usually used by marcel when he is annoyed by you and wants you to STOP TALKING ya know

pov your name is alex- alex stop talking

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Stop talking - definition

self-explanatory phrase used to say in polite terms something that could be said in a lot ruder fashion.

Please stop talking, my friend.

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