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What is stoners?

a group of people who participate in smoking marijuana or cannabis out of a spiff,joint,blunt,bong to get high as fuck.

Oh man did you see Tyler, Michael, and Trevor smoking that dank ass weed, they are such stoners.

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Stoners - what is it?

a group of people who enjoy doing drugs together. most are addicted to drugs. they have other friends but usually resign to the group of stoners

''do u know any good dealers?'' ''erm no man, ask one of the stoners''

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What does "stoners" mean?

anyone who prefers a work free, drug place

those dready, dirty, smelly, hippie stoners over there

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Stoners - what does it mean?

They are the citizens of this world that annoy me the most. If I hear one more pothead recite statistics about tobacco vs. marijuana, I will gladly blow my fucking head off. We get it. Legalizing marijuana is your number one objective and you will spout mind-numbing information straight into my earholes until I finally join the bandwagon. At one point in our lives, none of us gave a flying fuck about drugs. The majority of people against pot today, were driven against it by the very people supporting it. NO, marijuana will not kill you. NO, it will not directly turn you to harder drugs. NO, it will not make you kill people or go insane or any of the scare tactics used in the 1920's against marijuana that I have been forced to watch ridiculous movies about because my older brother is one of you idiots. NONE of those scare tactics are correct, and the U.S. government officials were wrong in lying to the American citizens about the effects of marijuana to justify making it illegal. They should have been truthful in telling the United States that marijuana only makes you a Lazy Pretentious Asshole.

The stoners in my apartment complex won't stop blasting Bob Marley music and their bootleg copy of the movie 'Shottas'.

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A person that loves pot, music, munchies, pussy, brownies, cookies, girls, carrots, hippies, tye dye clothing, gothic clothing, girls, jesus, crackers, pot, girls, and other amazing shit.

Damien and Tyler are 1337 stoners.

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a person who doesnt smoke weed everyday to "look cool" or "be happy" or "forget the pain",
but so they can be part of the family, and the culture that comes
with the Stoner lifestyle.

A stoner maintains a well paying LEGAL job, passes classes, and graduates on time all while being ripped out of their minds!
a stoner gets respect for their creative accomplishments.
A stoner Celebrates marijuana.
A stoner saves all the roaches and rolls them into killer joints because it turns into a smokeable memory <3
a stoner is content just calling the dealer and grabbing
the stash.
a stoner is ALWAYS honoured to roll the joint.
A stoner knows to be at the Art Gallery in
Vancouver British Columbia, every April 20 at exactly

830 am.
a stoner is always looking for new ways and new places to smoke weed.
a stoner is a collector of pipes,
bongs and other weird shiny contraptions
that can break easily.
a stoner is an intellect, and a curious being.
a stoner never asks what, but why or how.
a TRUE STONER can NOT stand by while people knock our intelligence and our health. Because Stoners are incredible,
and Stoners are the best.

Girl 1: How can you get high before you go to work Kr0nikkka?

Me: Because i'm a Stoner, Girl 1, and thats what Stoners do!

<3 smoke weed everday <3

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an unspoken brotherhood that causes you to feel almost related to that person who you've never spoken to before but just handed you a joint. Cheers. Here's to slowly taking over.

You smoke weed? Hop in, I'll cover for you fellow stoners.

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People who smoke alot of weed. Often this is characterized by having Liu Kang, or "Jesus" hair. Stoners pwn you, in the face, yeaaaaaaah. Stoners love music more than normal people. And brownies. Or peanuts.

tyler and damien are crazy stoners.

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A person or group of people who smoke toke marijuana. There are many types/references to what a "true stoner" is exactly. Main attribute of a good stoner are those who smoke out and get smoked out. Most stoners know it's good to know of different type of buds and the amt. weight in grams, kilos, lbs., ect. ... Most stoners smoke marijuana habitually, know that salvia is not marijuana by any means, know how to keep a low profile yet be open and also how to function while high.

Let's go toke up.
- Gosh we're such stoners
- Nvm. Let's toke.

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good people who dont have to escape drugs by turning to reality

Cheers to stoners everywhere

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