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What is steezy?

Yet another one of those words that were made up by advertising executives to put into the mouth of today's supposed youth for the purposes of selling crap that's made to seem "extreme". "This sounds like the kind of stupid crap kids would say", they said, and apparently they were right. The use of this word in any context is admissible in most courts as evidence that the speaker is a complete fucking idiot.

"Have you heard of 'steezy'? It's yet another bullshit synonym for 'cool' that can be used to make old products seem new somehow!"

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Steezy - what is it?

(skiing/snowboarding)a personal style that may cover a broad reigon of the sport such as form, clothes, or tricks. but can cover a broad range of personal styles

may be, but not limited to hanging rag or other piece of cloth hung from back pocket.
'that guy's steezy'

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What does "steezy" mean?

the act of looking fly

damn bro, these shoes look steezy.

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Steezy - what does it mean?

a snowboarding and skateboarding term that has evolved in the east bay to relate to fashion sense and style. when someone looks super cool and original then they are steezy. steezy also is used in regard to attitude. when someone is being chill and doing cool stuff with their homies, one may call them steezy.

"hey did you see sophia's thrifted pants.."
"yeah man her fits are so steezy"

"dude you're so steezy for letting us put our heads out the sunroof when you're driving"

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Steezy - meaning

stylish, made by snowboarders to express how stylish or nasty a jib or air is.

yo son, that f/s boardslide 270 out was mad steezy. Like i always say be easy, and stay steezy!

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Steezy - definition

Mad cool, off the hook.

Damn, that movie was steezy!

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Steezy - slang

an adjective describing someone's style, especially when having to do with snowboarding. Meaning smooth, stylish, clean and cool. Can either mean someone's clothing style, or more importantly, their riding style on the hill. One always wants to ride steezy, and to tell someone that they're trick was steezy is a great compliment.

"hey bro, that sick little 270 was lookin steezy, props."

"did you see that steezy kid in the tall tee gap that rail?"

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Dope, Fresh, cool, fly, style.

Lauren said "I wanna be too STEEZY like Don."

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Style with Ease

Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!

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a SNOWBOARDER term that combines the word "Style" with "Ease" to create the act of doing a trick with style and ease to make it done with super steez. A rider with steez, such as myself, would be referred to as "steezy" whether it be because of his/her sick tricks, gangster aparrel, or watevs.

"Yo man you see that gangster killin it? He's got some hella steez."
"Dude how steezy did that SSBSTS look?"

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