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What is steam cleaner?

Cleaner than before, but still not completely clean

My room is cleanerer than it was

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Steam cleaner - what is it?

it means a hitman.

i need to hire a cleaner.

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What does "steam cleaner" mean?

Usually called upon to clean up a mess another mobster has made. For instance: a gangster robs a store one night and comes back to base with a bullet in his stomach. A cleaner is quickly called-up and will be sent in to clear any sight of evidence, even if this means killing the store-keeper.

Elite cleaners are rarely found in the mobs/mafias/gangs etc., but instead apart of a government agency. Considering the drastic consequenced often involved with these agencies actions, elite cleaners are required. You never hear of them, and you rarely hear of what they have cleaned up. All that's left is the event: something happened, but the cleaner will make sure there are no trails left behind. Such cleaning jobs can be on a global scale, such as clearing a trail of money used to get the job done.

Ricky and Paulie murdered Kalinsky in an elevator. As soon as they stepped off a cleaner stepped in. When the elevator chimed at the top floor all that was left of the scene was a dead body and a pool of blood. With no evidence for the police to go on, the killers were never found.

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Steam cleaner - what does it mean?

A specialized person who removes incriminating evidence from a crimescene (usually one involving murder) in order to make the legal consequences of the crime go away.

Cleaners will get rid of evidence like bodies, blood, weapons, fingerprints, and even witnesses in order to hide the proof or notion of the crime -- or, they will 'dress up' the crimescene to mislead authorities. For example, they could make it appear like a break-in gone bad, an act of self defense, a fire, etc.

The cleaner used bleach to remove the the blood stains from the carpet, and although this would still leave DNA evidence, one could always claim that the victim once had a nose blead there... a very very massive nose blead!

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Steam cleaner

After giving a girl a Hot Carl or Cleaveland Steamer, having the gentlemanly courtesy to clean her off with a stream of hot piss.

Sandy was such a shitty mess after last night, that I gave her a Rocky Mountain steam cleaner just to be able to look at her again.

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Steam cleaner

When seeing someone's laundry, you take a clean, folded shirt, and shit diarrhea all on the inside of the shirt. Fold it back, and then watch as they put it on.

Man, Lance would not leave me alone, so I gave him a Staunton Steam Cleaner.

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Steam cleaner

The act of pissing the shit off your partners chest after performing a Cleveland Steamer.

"I knew her roommate would be home soon so I called Stanley Steamer to see if they do Cleveland steam cleaners... They don't"

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Steam cleaner

When you put your bare ass into someone's shower and drop a stink fart, then hold the shower curtain or door tightly shut, trapping him/her with the odor.

Last night, my husband trapped me in a dutch oven, so this morning I paid him back by giving him a steam cleaner in the shower!

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Steam cleaner

Evolved from rug muncher: a steam cleaner is one who performs cunnilingus with abnormal enthusiasm, therefore having an effect on the pubic hair similar to that which a steam cleaner would have on a rug.

Usually a term reserved for dykes.

Girl: "wow that bitch is a steam cleaner"
Steam cleaner: "slurp slurp"

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Steam cleaner

the act of moving from one end of the room while digging your partners face into the carpet while giving her doggystyle sex with the intention of giving them a rug burn on their face.

I heard john gave stacey the steam cleaner the other day. you should see her she has the worst rug burn on her face.

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