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What is starwars?

Passively aggressively correcting the person who wrote starwarring. they're not starwarring, they're starwarsing.

Hey yo, it should be starwarsing, bro.

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starwars - meme gif

starwars meme gif

starwars - video

Starwars - what is it?

Pew Pew boom booooooom vwooom vwoooom

i like starwars because it is action packet (not)

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What does "starwars" mean?

A potent member of the greenhouse family, star wars greenhouse is a must-try for hybrid fans. This strain was developed by Zambia producers Dr. Thiiird Seeds as a cross between the famed Pre-9 cut of Sirrose Kush Botswana and Sirrose OG, another bubba Kush descendant.

Oh Shit! I'm hallucinating!

Starwars greenhouse kush broooo!

In the bathroom but u feel like u in a RR
Starwars greenhouse kush broooo!

I feel like a 🌟
Star wars greenhouse kush broooo!!!

Mom asked what u smokin on
🌟 wars greenhouse kush broooo!

Motherfxxxxer my eyes bleeding
Shouldn't of had that STAR wars greenhouse kush broooo!

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Starwars - what does it mean?

Lining up your asshole with that of a willing partner and proceeding to defecate back and forth between corn shoots.

Hey, those two gofers are playing Chocolate Starwars! How adorable!

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Starwars - meaning

Starwars/starwarsing is a/the only term that can beat shotgun. Commonly used in the UK. It is derived from the popular sc-fi film 'Starwars'

Sam- Shotgun the front seat
Ryan- Starwars the front seat, i win!!
Sam- You cant do that tell him joe!
Joe- Im sorry Sam he did starwars it, Ryan gets the front seat.
Sam- ...FUCK

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Starwars - definition

The Greatest gift given by the 1337 gods.

Starwars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
Starwars Episode 2 - Clone Wars
Starwars Episode 3 - Revenge Of The Sith
Starwars Episode 4 - A New Hope
Starwars Episode 5 - The Empire Strikes Back
Starwars Episode 6 - Return Of The Jedi

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Starwars - slang

to act like a geek or nerd to a person who is not a geek or nerd.

Derived from Star Wars, science-fiction that is somehow accepted by 'normal' people.

Ben – a cup of coffee will you bring?
John – dude, please stop starwarring to me.

Harry - will you accept this quest to go to the bar and bring me something that contains at least C2H5OH and H2O?
Judith - Stop Starwarring, speak English!

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the act of fingering a girl and/or getting a handjob. watching the movie star wars is not necessary

dude shane and his girl starwars'd last night in the basement

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