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What is starting?

A group of 6, well 7 including the benchwarmer, of swagged out guys. They sing dope ass songs and slap hard beats. All originally from berkeley. These guys include... Big Steve, Nic Nac, Young Feez, Riggs, Ry Bread, Goose... and the benchwarmer. SWAG! Lets Talk about S6X.

Starting Six on your bitch!

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Starting - what is it?

When someone is still hung up on their EX, while dating another person creating a false sense of reality....and giving the new relationship a bogus, False Start.

I specifically asked you if you were over your EX, and you told me yes......then i find you still writing poems about him, and wishing him happy birthday, when you ruined mine. That is a complete False Start to our relationship, and you wonder why we struggled ?

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What does "starting" mean?

n. an approach, a conversation starter, and/or a beginning to a new friendship.

Boy: "I think you look beautiful tonight... your dress is amazing... I'm really diggin' your style..."
Girl: "I like your start."

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Starting - what does it mean?

Started is a combination of stupid and retarded. It is a replacement for everyday use of retarded.

Ex: Your hella started for putting your head in that bear trap!

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Stoned, brain fart

I shouldn't have hit that bong. I got a serious start!

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to be pissed the fuck off

"these hoes got me started rn"

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To begin an argument; saying something you know will lead to a fight

Girlfriend: we don't spend enough time together

Boyfriend: don't start

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1.) To begin, to intice.

2.) Used to begin fights, races, sexual intercourse.... you know, it's used to begin just about anything.


Umm, don't you mean "Go?"

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that little button in the bottom left of the screen

Click here to begin.

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Using mildly provocative verbal jocularity with the intention of kicking off some ultimately violent behaviour or pagger

A; "Are you enjoyin' yer toastie?"
B"Are you fecking starting on me?!"

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