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What is stalls?

going into bathroom stalls, locking them, and climbing over them, leaving them locked from the inside.

"hey lets go stalling"

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Stalls - what is it?

The structure enclosing a toilet in a public restroom. There is no stall surrounding a urinal.

Hide in the stall! The Dos Amigos are coming!

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What does "stalls" mean?

All the above is true. Operationally, a stall happens when you slow the airplane down and increase the angle of attack over the wing so it is no longer producing lift. Student pilots practice doing them so they know how to get out.

It is not particularly dangerous to do stalls if you are careful about it, but I find them to be rather uncomfortable. There is a possibility of going into a spin if the pilot doesn't pay attention. But that, too, can be recovered from.

The other day I did a power-off stall. I slowed the airplane down, applied full flaps, then reduced power. I raised the nose untill it buffeted, then the wing lost lift and the nose dipped. I lowered the nose some more and applied full power and flew away.

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Stalls - what does it mean?

To stop agressive speech/behavior toward an individual. Usually when such behavior is considered unjustified or questionable, "stall" is used as a request for the agressor to calm down the rash behavior.

"Stall him out, it's cool."

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when a driver in manual transmission drops the clutch too fast or put the car in too high a gear at low speeds and causes the engine of the car to shut off.

Damn you suck at driving stick. You just stalled out.

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To go or wait somewhere for someone/something.

"stall it down to my gaff for a few cans"

"im on my way, stall it"

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the act of stalling like a car
"shuts off". A person who is slow and lagging; wasting time.

person 1 : Oh my god, quit stalling!
person 2 : Hold on.. (continues trying on different shoes)
person 1 : .....we are so late.

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When you sit on the toilet for an extended period of time after taking a shit in a one stall, one urinal bathroom in order to avoid personal contact with the guy who has come in to piss.

I was just about finished up when someone came in to take a leak, so I had to do a stall stall until the guy left. He didn't wash his hands.

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In public bathrooms, the act of remaining in a bathroom stall after having completed one's business, in order to maintain anonymity (whether by avoiding someone who has entered later, or finished sooner), or the state of being delayed under such circumstances. Also the act of delaying defecation until the bathroom is empty.

See also stall waiting

Sorry I'm late. I got stall stalled in the men's room on 34 by a couple of accounting assholes talking to each other at the urinals. The last thing I needed was to be asked how my day is going by some idiot with his dick in his hands.

I was in the corner stall trying to drop a deuce when Meyers from accounting walked in. I tried to stall stall but I couldn't hold it.

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Simply put, stinky balls. To have stalls is to have stinky balls. It's just a combintation of both words and pronouned just as its written. Simillar to the words swalls (sweaty balls), and swass (sweaty ass).

Dude 1: Ha, fuck I shoulda worn some underware to the gig. I got all hot and sweaty and now I got stalls up the ass.

Dude 2: Fool, I didn't need to know that shit!

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