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What is sry?

Short for sry

Iโ€™m so sry

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Sry - what is it?

Short for sorry

Iโ€™m so sry

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What does "sry" mean?

1. An abbreviation caused by internet slang that means "sorry".

2. Internet slang used by idiots who are either too lazy to type out just 5 letters or jerks who don't even have the decency to send the individual on the receiving line an actual word.

Guy texting his girlfriend: SRY but your mom's pussy tastes better than yours. It's over.

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Sry - what does it mean?

Retarded form of ,sorryยด.

Sry 4 being late.

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Sry - meaning

Short for sorry.

Jim:*Dwight hits him in the face*

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Sry - definition

my bad about the defintion of diirty

the man was sry about dirty

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Sry - slang

a pathetic excuse for the word sorry. if someone uses this short form to say that they are sorry, chances are that they aren't sorry, they are lame.

"I'm so sry to do this to you."

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Slang for sorry. Mainly used on social media.

Soz is also used

sry gtg

sry I can't come to your party

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Ironically, probably the least regretful message you can send to someone.

Dude you deleted my Facebook account!

Oh sry.

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Short for sorry.

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