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What is squirrels?

mama squirrel who lives in a huge tree and is nuts about nuts!?!?! i mean acorns :. also annoys the hell out of people.

oaooeoaoaoa mama squirrels voice

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Squirrels - what is it?

1920's and 30's version of "pigs", slang word for the cops.

"Cheese it boys, it's the Squirrels!" said Johnny Bankrobber.

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What does "squirrels" mean?

young children, usually aged 6-12, that are free roaming the neighborhood in small groups, which come bother you while you are working on your car, playing in the garage, or tinkering with something. they then proceed to invite themselves into whatever it is you're doing, ask you a million questions, and ruin any productivity you once had. You try to tell them to leave, but without being a complete dick, it's impossible to get them out of your hair.

I was going to try and tune the bike a little bit this afternoon, but the squirrels came and basically ruined the rest of the day.

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Squirrels - what does it mean?

Customers in a retail store that are ampt up on drugs and their speech and behaviors are very fast, frenzied, and unpredictable.

Keep an eye out on the couple of squirrels in the clearance section.

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A provident "drug user" according to William S. Burroughs 1966 book "Naked Lunch"

"Provident junkies known as squirrels, keep stashes against a bust."

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The coolest animal to ever walk the planet. They are going to talke over the world one day,they are our masters.

maria: what is a squirrel?

fred: only the coolest animal ever man.

maria: cool dude, i'm going to go join the squirrel club and do something that will help all squirrels everywhere.

fred: nice.

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Some animal with rabies that u will love till the end of da world


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Quite possibly the most evil animals on earth. Behind their cute, adorable facade lies an evil beast waiting to destroy us all. The most evil ones are the Black Canadian variety.

One day walking through the woods, some squirrels decided to attack me, but I managed to fend them off with a near-by branch.

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A slang terms used to alert your nearby friend of hot girls without alerting the entire area of your desire to ram at will.

After stopping at Subway, Richard said "Squirrels". To my surprise there was a hot 17 year old serving and her two hotter friends in the corner filling out applications as my pants were filling out to a nice sized tent.

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You've got a huge pair of squirrels on you, mate.

Fuck me, I've got a sharp pain in my squirrels.

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