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What is sputnik?

A woman who's like... eight months pregnant but still has slender arms and legs, specifically when she's bent over.

Man 1: I can't deal with having sex with my pregnant wife.
Man 2: Dude you gotta get after that sputnik from behind.

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Sputnik - what is it?

"A word that means cum ,or semen . Sputnik was a Soviet satellite that came out of the "rocket" on October 4, 1957, 7:28 PM and this feat encouraged the U.S. to build a rocket as well starting the "space race". On January 31, 1958, the U.S. launched the Explorer 1 into outer space. Think of Explorer 1 and Sputnik as sperm racing towards the female's egg, therefore space race." - A guy in 805

Example 1
Girl 1: What did you guys do last night
Girl 2: He got all of his sputnik on my face!

Example 2
Man 1: I sputnikked all over her face last night!

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What does "sputnik" mean?

A little piece of crap. Germans use it to refer to small quantities of brown vaginal discharge.

Even though I'm ovulating, I found a sputnik in my underwear.

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Sputnik - what does it mean?

The first of its kind and harbinger. A telltale event.

I was late to go through puberty and was a junior in high school when my first sputnik got airborne.
Didn't know what I was going to do with my life until landing that sputnik apprenticeship in accounting.

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Sputnik - meaning

1. a Russian word for 'fellow traveller'
2. the first satellite to go to space. It was a small sphere with radio antennas thet orbited the Earth.
3. nickname for any Soviet/Russian satellite or spacecraft
4. somebody who is a tool or kisses up to the Russian government

1. When I visited St. Peterberg I met Olga who showed me around the city. She's a nice lady and she was my sputnik , my companion during this trip.
2. Sputnik 1 was launched on October 4, 1957 and it made the world wake up. Even though it wasn't much as spacecraft go, it was the FIRST to go into orbit and some nations, esp. the US were afraid the USSR would 'dominate' outer space. That led to the formation of NASA and US space exploration in itself. The same year Sputnik 2 went into orbit carrying a stray mongrel bitch dog named Laika. She was killed by radiation that previously unknown. There was a third a maybe a fourth satellite launched under the official name 'Sputnik'.

3. In the 60s before the manned Apollo 11 mission to the Moon, the USSR sent a sputnik there called Zond 5. All it did was orbit the Moon and it had turtles aboard to see how life forms can handle being in orbit around the Moon.

4. Donald il Douche Trump is a traitor. He hijacked the US Presidency with Russian cyberhacking help and he is on Vladimir Putin's leach. EVERYTHING he does is what Putin wants him to do. Spanky Don ORBITS and sucks up to the Russian dictator in every manner concerning foreign affairs and diplomatic relations. He is a quisling, a Benedict Arnold, a Judas, he licks Putin's pud, he is a sucky boy to the Russian government, he is a SPUTNIK.

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Sputnik - definition

russian street wear brand, called sputnik 1985

wow its, спутник 1985 (sputnik 1985) on you

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Sputnik - slang

A derogatory name for hash, esp in Manchester. Mainly used when distinguishing Hashish from bud. Also shortened to sput.

Originated because like the Russian satellite of the same name, this is considered by many to be old technology

What are you smoking? Is that sputnik?

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Sputnik is a term often used in the INTERNET forums to describe when a user snags an IP address from another user. The Sputnik method of IP retrieval is simply to set up a server on your home computer then you place image files. When in a forum you simply send a private message with the image file and the server you set up will tell you the IP of the person viewing the image. This is called the Sputnik . The Sputnik was named after a widely popular INTERNET real life person that goes by the handle Sputnik.

Hey that guy got my IP by sending me an image file in a private message. Looks I got a sputnik.

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shoving a potato in someones ass

We held him down and gave him a sputnik in front of the whole cafeteria

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A series of Russian artificial satellites sent into orbit during the late 1950s. Literally "fellow wanderer" in Russian. Sputnik I made history on October 4, 1957, by becoming the first man-made object put into orbit. Sputnik II would follow later, this time carrying Laika, the first dog in space.

Sputnik I amazed and terrified the American public: the small blipping dome made an orbit every ninety minutes, a symbol of Soviet space supremacy.

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