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What is soy face?

One of Katsuki Bakugo’s nicknames for Hanta Sero.

“Shut the hell up soy-sauce face!”

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Soy face - what is it?

A term for your generic looking Asian friend, often used in a derogatory way.

Hey soy-sauce face, stop eating my dog and get your ass over here.

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Video meme

What does "soy face" mean?

A offensive slang for a chinese person

Did you get a look at those soy faces at the restaurant?

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Soy face - what does it mean?


“RUN SERO”- Mina,Kaminari and kirishima

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Soy face - meaning

Used either as derogatory insult or ironically in self deprecating term about being politically left leaning man or wellgroomed and young/effeminate.

Go to insult among younger boys selfconscious about their masculinity and attractiveness, towards men with anywhere between plain or attractive faces. Teen age boy version of shouting "Uggo!"

Amber: Damn that model is hot
Brett: That Soy face can't even grow facial hair. You wouldn't say yes If that sissy asked you out that If he wasn't rich and famous.
Amber: We clearly have different taste in men

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Soy face - definition

A face of feigned excitement, mimicking many YouTube thumbnails.

References the soy boy epithet - men whose diets consist of many processed meals like salty snacks, frozen dinners and fast food, which contain significant amounts of soy-based 'filler' (as in, it's not real food). The soy face is typically accompanied by stringy, unkempt facial hair and a chubby face/body.

The picture would have been perfect if Mike hadn't been making the soy face.

Of course the guy with the hot take about white people has a soy face as his avatar.

Is there any Nintendo Switch unboxing video without a soy face thumbnail?

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Soy face - slang

The face a nu-male makes when taking a selfie with his mouth gaping open.

Also known as glory hole face.

Joe's always on instagram taking selfies with that really awkward soy face.

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