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What is sound?

meanin good. not like SanJ Street said before cos if you ask for a fag and they say they ent got none left and you say sound mate it sounds sarcastic as fuk.

beccy: i went to Scream last nite
scuz: yeh?
beccy: yeh it was wel sound!!
scuz: tru

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Sound - what is it?

WOW everyone uses the "smart" definition. it means N O I S E you fucking retards

creek errk creek errk
-honey, uhh, why, uhh, is, uhh, the bed, uhh, making, uhh, that, uhh, sound, uhh
-uhh, i, uhh, dont, uhh, know, uhh

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What does "sound" mean?

when something is beyond all greatness and the excitment is all out the sound comes to mind and satisfaction is achived

"well sound!"

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Sound - what does it mean?

someone that you like or think has a good personality, or has qualities that you like.

"He's such a fag, my god !"
"What the fuck are ya sayin' ? He's pure sound !!"

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Sound - meaning

sound is often used by townies, a describing word for summat cool and great.

in a footy match:
"did ya see that kick? that was sound!"

rele cool phrases it can be used in:
"he is as sound as a pound!"

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Sound - definition

1)anything/anyone who is cool,good, okey doke, particularly in the sense of being trustworthy/reliable etc etc.

british slang.

when someone/something's really, really 'sound' you say they're 'sound as a pound.' ie they're so sound, they're as trustworthy as the wonderful british currency!!! that's one hell of a compliment.

2) moaning, losing your temper over something. ( as in 'sounding off')

1) some people don't like that girl, but i think she's pretty sound actually.

- that's my best mate over there. he's sound as a pound he is.

2) she's sounding off about some crap no one cares about again!!

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Sound - slang

used in agreement with someone or about something, a reply to someone as a form of yes, yeah and so on.

dude thats sound as!

thats totally sound

ah sound count me in!

Sweet dude thats sound!

Ah sound!

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Often used by Scottish Glasgow Neds, usually followed by "mate" to let you know that something is ok

Ned: "Got a fag mate?"
Passer-by: "Nah, sorry im all out"
Ned: "Sound mate"

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Something that is good.

Yeah, that Simon, he's sound, mate.

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i) An individual who might be considered "cool", or generally very likeable.

ii) As to say, "All is well"; "Very good" etc

i) "How ye' doin'?"
"Sound man, sound"

"You see big Davie? He's sound."

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