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What is sorority squat?

A social phenomenon, individual or group nature performed for a photo by women to enhance cleavage not their ass as is commonly understood (check a photo for what this truly looks like).

The lens is most obviously facing the subject so it’s highly improbable that their waist and pelvic outlines (butt) can be so well discriminated.

Woman sorority squats. Male function of survival is predicated upon food, shelter, clothing.

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Sorority squat - what is it?

A specific type of sexual hazing; initiation or ritual; where a sorority candidate must have another girl squat on another candidate's face to join the Sorority.

Do a Sorority Squat on her face or you won't join our Sorority!

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What does "sorority squat" mean?

Awkwardly positioning yourself over a toilet, a trash receptacle, or passed-out party-goer to muck the baby batter splatter out of your fuck holes.

You taste like my brother! GROSS! Why didn't you at least pop a Sorority Squat in the bushes on the way over!?

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Sorority squat - what does it mean?

In many deep south 1950s colleges young girls trying to get into certain sororities were instructed to refrain from using all toilets and told to goto the woods or alleys to relieve themselves for one week.

This was a tradition going back to the 19th century ,done in order to produce stronger an more self reliant women capable of good problem solving , in preparation for child bearing an proper etiquette for culinary cleanliness when cooking family meals in the future.

I steer clear of Mary lou for about a week she's on a sorority squat right now...patience is good though bubba, shes got nice child bareing hips

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Sorority squat - meaning

When a person (typically a girl) takes a group picture or selfie and slightly bends over and puts their hands on their thighs assentuating their cleavage and ass while deceivingly hiding their fat fucking stomach rolls.

Bro! checkout Becky in this picture! she got an ass and a half with some phat ol titties! Imma hit her up...nah man! I saw her at Walmart last week looking fat as fuck. She just doing the sorority squat to hide dem piggy-ass stomach roles.

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Sorority squat - definition

A pose for a picture where

someone bends their knees into a partial squat position and puts their arms/hands on their thighs. It could just be they just like posing like that or they're accentuating their butt.

Everyone’s face is funny in the picture because when Sarah went into the sorority squat position for it she accidentally let a fart rip.

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Sorority squat - slang

Typically performed by sorority sisters immediately prior to a picture where one or more participants slightly bend their knees and lean on their calves with their arms regardless of whether or not people are behind them in the photo. Possibly used to accentuate the butt. Although scientists have still yet not found the origin or purpose of this tribal ritual, much discussion has been devoted to it's research.

"seriously, Becky is always bent over in all her pictures. You'd think she has scoliosis or something. I guess all those sorority squat pictures add up."

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