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What is someone else's?

A woman that is just plan ugly

Dude 1: Would you sleep with that chick?

Dude 2: not with a stolen dick and someone else pushing

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someone else's - video

Someone else's - what is it?

Whipping someone elseโ€™s porridge Is when you have sex with a girl just after someone else came in her.

John was Whipping someone elseโ€™s porridge

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What does "someone else's" mean?

An extremely annoying thing that urban dictionary says when you want to change your handle but someone else is using it...
Similar to when you want to change your name on roblox, but it says "this name is already in use ". SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANNNOOOYYYYIIIIIIINNNNGGGGGGG.

Me: *changes handle to hi*
Urban dictionary: ThAt HaNdLe Is AlReAdY iN uSe By SoMeOnE eLsE.
Me:ummm.... ok *changes to another *
Urban dictionary: ThAt HaNdLe Is AlReAdY iN uSe By SoMeOnE eLsE.

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Someone else's - what does it mean?

When someone is crying really hard and then you come cry for them so they can feel better. You can always Eat your own feet if you're alone and crying and alone.

Dude 1 - Yo dude 3 is crying
Dude 2 - What the fuck why
Dude 3 - *crying*
Dude 1 - Dude 2 you should go eat his feet
Dude 2 - I've never had to eat someone else's feet before, you do it
Dude 1 - Ugh, fine
Dude 1 - *crying*
Dude 3 - *crying*

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Someone else's - meaning

To have relations with someone else's significant other.

-Man, that girl is fine, but she's dating my friend, and I don't want to eat someone else's lunch.

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Someone else's - definition

Copying someone elses style, or just agreeing with what they say and believe to fit in.

What a jerk. Tom started wearing his hat backwards like John, just so he would like him. He is jumping John's train.

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Someone else's - slang

Being able to shower with a significant other and engaging in intercourse while in the shower together.

Bro I I'm going to be showering with someone else when you get back from work. Don't walk into the bathroom and I'll try to keep her quite as possible.

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Someone else's

This is when you wake up in the morning feeling like you really tied one on the night before even though you didn't have anything to drink. Through some sort of karmic mixup, you woke up with someone else's hangover, and they woke up feeling like a champ.

me: Ouch. My head's really banging this morning.

you: Well, you didn't have anything to drink last night - must have someone else's hangover.

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Someone else's

the person responsible for negotiating XJT's Contract 2002 on behalf of the pilots.

My contract sucks, someone else is surely to blame!

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Someone else's

Always manages to screw everything up in your life. Also works with Mister Nobody

TV's broke? Someone else did it!

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