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What is someone’s?

be awesome, get out and do something, don't be a bitch. funny stories of just trying to be awesome.

Be someone. Get off your ass and lets go to the party.

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someone’s - meme gif

someone’s meme gif

someone’s - video

Someone’s - what is it?


"I wish someone would hold me"

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What does "someone’s" mean?

Plural of someone.

That awkward moment when you REALLY want to correct someones' spelling or grammar in their status but you can't because you don't actually know them that well

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Someone’s - what does it mean?

A human being. Sometimes refering to a specific person and sometimes not.

Is George Bush already impeached? No, but someone should really do that.

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Someone’s - meaning

Describing something that is a person’s. It is someone’s.

That is someone’s pony

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Someone’s - definition

someone has too much time on their hands

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Someone’s - slang


“i like someone right now”

use this def to sauce ur way out of the friendzone and into the endzone

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An unknown or unspecified person. No one knows who he/she is, until you meet them.

Get off the internet and talk to someone. Unless, of course, you're talking about this definition.

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A Person. What in the hell else would this word mean?

Someone will kill you for being stupid.

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you pretty much like them, but without saying "you like them"

Sam: are you into someone?
Greg: Yeah im really into Melina
Sam: doesn't that mean you like her
Greg: yes

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