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What is sock?

to punch somebody (usually in the face). Used back in the day, by a lot of white people.

"I'm gonna sock that dude after school"

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Sock - what is it?

a peice of cloth (usually cotton) that gets caught in the space between the dryers' spin thingy and the actualy dryer, and then creates a big fire that almost burns down the house, causing a mother and an only child to call 911, only to find that 911 is on their lunch break so it takes them 9 RINGS to pick up and then 10 minutes to get to their house...armed with 3 or 4 fire trucks and a few police cars...all of which are unnecessary...even under these circumstances. (yes, this is a true story)

1. "Elliot!!!! A sock got caught between the dryers' spin thingy and the actualy dryer!!! Now we have to call 911 on their lunch break!!!"

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What does "sock" mean?

Not a shoe.

I put my socks on in the morning. It is important to wear socks because if you don't your feet will smell the next day.

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Sock - what does it mean?

In SimplyNailogiclish being a "sock" is when you or another is wearing a very large piece of clothing with a hood, this hood should be covering at least half of your face to be considered a sock, most socks are quite warm.

You: Hey it's kinda cold!


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Sock - meaning

you put it on your foot...

i hate wearing socks, but its the cool thing to do! if only i was cool.

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Sock - definition

A condom.

"Dude, she's a ho, you'd better use a sock."

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Sock - slang

A pair of footwear. One of them usually go missing in the wash...

Annie! It's the Lint Monster again! He's stolen our socks!

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1. A piece of cloth hosiery for one's foot, usually constructed of cotton.
2. A term for an inverted anus that hangs from the buttocks, resulting from years of anal sex and abuse.

1. To hit forcefully; punch.

1. Before I put on my shoes, I put on my socks.
2. As a consequence of years of anal pounding, Bruce's asshole is now a droopy, withered sock

1. If you don't shut the fuck up, I'm going to sock you.

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a secondary name used on a message board; a sockpuppet

He has about 3 socks on this board.

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1. A garment usually worn between your foot and footwear which is meant to facilitate optimum body temperature, maximize comfort and decrease disgusting foot odor. Generally comes in pairs.

2. A disposable ejaculatory device used by lonely, socially inept young men who do not like to masturbate in the shower or ejaculate all over furniture.

1. "Man, these new socks are really helping me maintain optimal, maximize comfort and minimize disgusting foot odor. And look, I have one for each foot."

2. "John, where have all your socks gone? I could've sworn that I bought you a pack just last week."

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