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What is soaping?

A chemical that when smoked gets you EXTREMELY fucked up.

Girl 1: Hey what happened last night.

Girl 2: I don't remember anything after I smoked that soap. It fucked me up.

Girl 1: it's not the only thing that fucked you.

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Soaping - what is it?

Don't drop this at all. In your home, on a vacation, ESPECIALLY not in prison. When you pick it up, you will most likely expose your asshole, which in turn will cause a sweaty fat gay pig to hold you down and rape the fuck out of ya. THe best thing to do is to either use a soap on a rope, or RUN LIKE A SHIT before it hits the ground.

Guy 1- Oops.
Pig- Your soap dropped nigga. Pick it up.

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What does "soaping" mean?

A chemical agent, designed to cleanse one of his/her external filth, thus removing all outside suspicion of one’s internal grime.

Examples of soap include: Irish Spring, Ivory, Dial, Zest etc.

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Soaping - what does it mean?

A type of writing AP Language and Composition teachers like to ask you to do for a book during summer. SOAPS stands for subject, occasion, audience, purpose, and speaker.

Subject - What is this about?

Occasion- What happened to cause this to be said/written? Why was it recorded?

Audience- Who is the intended audience?

Purpose- Why was this spoken/written? What purpose does it serve?

Speaker- Who is the speaker or author?

All in all, SOAPS gives students hell.

Joe: FUCK! I have to finish my SOAPS for AP Language and Composition!

Nick: Damn dude. GL. School is tomorrow. It took me like 8 hours!


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1. Fake crack.
2. Derived from the fact that crack is often counterfeited with soap.
3. Anything that is sold as crack but is not.

Fred went to get a 20 rock and ended up smoking soap.

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Something you better not drop in jail!

John dropped the soap, and bubba played him like an untuned piano.

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An abbreviation for "Same Opposite Always Positive" used in math to simplify the process of factoring polynomials.

SOAP refers to whether the sign before a variable should be positive or negative.

(a^3+b^3) = (a+b)(a^2-ab+b^2)
(a^3-b^3) = (a-b)(a^2+ab+b^2)

Wayne, are you ready for the math test next period?
Aw man! I'm such a chode stroker, I never learned how to use soap. I'm going to fail!

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Happens when one is completely ignoring somebody else, specially if the second have already asked for one's attention.
Related to the fact that a soap easily slips through one's hands and is hard to catch.

Bill sends an e-mail to his boss (Tom) on Monday: "Hey Tom, I really wanted to discuss about my salary and conditions. Shall we please schedule a meeting sometime this week?"

Tom (Monday):
(Tom is soaping...)

Tom (Tuesday):
(Tom is soaping...)

Tom (Wednesday):
(Tom is soaping...)

Tom (Thursday):
(Tom is soaping...)

Tom (Friday):
(Tom is soaping...)

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When a couple takes a shower together, but instead of using actual soap, the woman washes herself with the cum of the man.

Me and my nigga were soaping last night and I feel kind of icky.

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Grinding as if you are on a skateboard but on shoes

Ryan killed it at the skate park yesterday

Did he get a new skateboard?

Na man, he was soaping so hard.

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