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What is snack?

To throw food and other shit at people, on their cars, and at their house.

Fat Henry at Edith Macy girl scout center is a fuckin moolie. Lets snack that bitch!

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Snack - what is it?

a midget that is smaller than a chihuahua

"Little Snack Big World"

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What does "snack" mean?

a person you want to give oral to or make out with

my crush is a snack

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Snack - what does it mean?

giving oral sex for a short period of time, not resulting in orgasm.

Boy 1: "Did you eat that puss til she come?"
Boy 2: "Nah, I just had a snack, to warm her up."

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Snack - meaning

synonym for "sack". used as code for drugs which are packaged in plastic sacks.

(on the phone)
chris-"what up big boy? got any more twankie snacks i can munch on?"
big boy-"yeah, stop by my babies maw-maws house."

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Snack - definition

Someone you don't really don't love or care for and in fact really hate, but would want a one-time encounter with just to satisfy your sexual urges.

I don't know why you keep in touch with her, she's a snack.

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Snack - slang

Someone that is there to temporarily relieve the hunger you crave. Tie you over. one who fullfills the duties of pleasing you without having the commitment attached and more respect is given, unlike a booty call. Its more than just sex, and it's ALL understood!

Em is a good midnight snack!

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that which is less than a full meal

Mmm, these Funyuns are a mighty tasty snack.

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A very hot guy. Synonymous with tasty treat.

Friend: Do you think Chris Hemsworth is hot?
You: Oh yeah... total snack!

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Someone who is delicious and cute.

OOOOOOSH Makoto lookin like a SNACK

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