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What is smoked salmon?

Vaginal discharge smelly cunt fanny cheese smelly lady discharge

Her fanny was weeping smoked salmon custard

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Smoked salmon - what is it?

Having such intense sex, that you set off the smoke detector.

I had the fire department show up at my girls place, since we were smoking the salmon.

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What does "smoked salmon" mean?

When a woman farts and the expelled gas canā€™t make its way out it's usual trajectory, so it shoots forward, through the labia, and sometimes INTO the vagina.

Jenny, these jeans are so tight that when Iā€™m sitting down I keep smoking the salmon. Bubbly tickles up my front butt.

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Smoked salmon - what does it mean?

n. the state of becoming such an everyday luxury that people expect to be able to afford it at all times.

Even though champagne may still provide a glimmer of excitement, it has certainly undergone the smoked salmon effect because it's so commonplace and people have come to expect it.

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Smoked salmon - meaning

When you get a joint and make a girl smoke it while shes blowing you

i love it when a girl gives me da smoked salmon

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Smoked salmon - definition

While a woman is receiving cunnilingus she flatulates and simultaneously either pulls the bed sheets over his head (a dutch oven) or holds his head in place between her legs.

He was going down on her when in horror he realized what he had just heard was not a queef and that she was holding his head down so he could not escape the fumes traveling past her taint into his open mouth. He had tasted smoked salmon.

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Smoked salmon - slang

The act of taking a lit cigar/blunt, sticking it a girls pussy, and taking a puff on it.

"Hey man you know that Sara girl?"
"She let me give her smoked salmon last night with a fatty blunt"

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Smoked salmon

For the Northwest area smoked salmon refers to weed. When the person wants to be discreet such as at work, or in conversation. In other places smoked turkey would suffice

I want some of that delicious smoked salmon. You got any smoked salmon I just ran out. My buddy wants some fish wanna come over and have a fish fry? I need an oz. of smoked salmon. I think I ate to much salmon im wasted!

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