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What is smelly cunt?

Smelly cunt often refers to a female named Reshma. One who does not wash her pussy after intercourse but instead leaves the juices to flament. Leaving both hers and his juices inside her vast and deeply large vegina to create this vile stench called Smally Cunt.

Person 1 "I feel sick what the hell is that stink"
Person 2 "Oh thats just a Smelly Cunt you may known it as Reshma"
Person 1 "That Reshma needs to go wash her pussy hole"

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Smelly cunt - what is it?

a term to describe certain girls from the age of 14- till they die, that have sexual intercourse with men mainly from the army/navy services who are old enough to be there fathers.

abi got off with that guy from the arm yeh i know he's old enough to be her father what a smelly cunt.

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What does "smelly cunt" mean?

Indication that the female genital region is offensively pungent in the whiff department.

Often caused by repeat arousal to the vagina producing pussy juice that is subsequently not washed. Non washing of the vagina encourages gremlins and germs to proliferate and these cause the smell.

Derogatory term for someone who smells bad.

Gladys had a very smelly cunt - I couldn't bring myself to lick it!

Oi Johnny! You're a smelly cunt - that fart smelled like a fisher wive's dirty pussy!

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