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What is smack the pony?

Twenty five pounds. Usually used in london.

Cost me a pony
Yo, you got a pony

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Smack the pony - what is it?

Heroin. Most frequently used in the 60s.

When the smack begins to flow, I really don't care anymore...

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What does "smack the pony" mean?

1. Noun. Content relating to the My Little Pony franchise (and especially My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic). This content can include (but isn't limited to) fan art, fan fiction and photos.

2. Plural for pony.


2. The ancestors of most modern ponies developed small stature due to living on the margins of livable horse habitat. - Wikipedia
"Modern Warfare 3 cost me two ponies!"

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Smack the pony - what does it mean?

Refers mainly food. Also anything one might consider good.

"Give me some pony" - Bobo

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Smack the pony

1) The sound a thumper makes when it busts off

2) A common adlib used by certain rappers from North Oakland (Lil Rue, HD, etc..)

"Every day it's like I got some new niggas to kill (SMACK SMACK)" - HD on Minister Of Defense / Extortion Muzik 2

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Smack the pony


Person 1: "Wow, is Jeff STILL in his room?"

Person 2: "Yeah, he hasnt come down for days, he's probably up there smacking the pony again..."

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Smack the pony

euphemistic phrase for the female masturbation.

She smacks the pony right now.

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Smack the pony

When you're fucking you're boyfriend, and you begin to smack his ass in a passionate way.

Dude, I was fucking my Boyf last night. I gave him the 'smack the pony'

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Smack the pony

a british tv comedy sketch show starring 3 extremely funny women.

rachel - hey dude i watched my smack the pony dvd last night
jenna - dude that show rules

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Smack the pony

Metaphor for female masturbation.

Vicky: I'm so frustrated!
Rachel: Go smack the pony...

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