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What is smack the pony?

When you're fucking you're boyfriend, and you begin to smack his ass in a passionate way.

Dude, I was fucking my Boyf last night. I gave him the 'smack the pony'

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Smack the pony - what is it?


Person 1: "Wow, is Jeff STILL in his room?"

Person 2: "Yeah, he hasnt come down for days, he's probably up there smacking the pony again..."

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What does "smack the pony" mean?

euphemistic phrase for the female masturbation.

She smacks the pony right now.

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Smack the pony - what does it mean?

The equivalent of "Smack Wally". An alternate form of the "Spot the Pony" title of features in young girl's annuals.

Doon MacKichan: "At first we called it Spot the Pony because that's what you have in those young girls' annuals. Then Kevin Lygo suggested Smack the Pony... People think it's a reference to something sexual but in fact it's a made-up thing."

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Smack the pony - meaning

a british tv comedy sketch show starring 3 extremely funny women.

rachel - hey dude i watched my smack the pony dvd last night
jenna - dude that show rules

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Smack the pony - definition

Metaphor for female masturbation.

Vicky: I'm so frustrated!
Rachel: Go smack the pony...

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