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What is slams?

1. to have aggressive sexual intercourse.

Kat: "Would you slam that bitch?"
Bryan: "Fuck ya! I would slam that pussy hard!"

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Slams - what is it?

the act of injecting a drug into your veins.

I've been slamming heroin for the past 2 years.

I'd rather slam coke than snort it.

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What does "slams" mean?

to mainline or inject drugs. you can snort, smoke, or slam.

I got the crytal, you bring the rigs, and let's slam; I'm ready to party tonight.

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Slams - what does it mean?

1. To have your car very low to the ground. Tucking tires, and minimal clearance between the ground and frame are a must. Lips, body kits, etc, don't count.
2. To be very drunk
3. To get fucked very hard

You car is so slammed that I can barely fit my fist under your oil pan.

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Slams - meaning

The term used when injecting speed (crystal methamphetamine), via syringe, into your blood.

Looking to slam. Come on over, we're already slammed. We're slamming now, get over here. We slammed and were up all night partying last week-end.

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Slams - definition

Having an insane amount of work dumped on you that leaves ya winded and overwhelmed.

My boss totally slammed me at 5:00 PM on Friday forcing me to stay at work till 10:00 PM.

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Slams - slang

An ugly ass Asian woman that white guys think is hot because they are too stupid to differentiate between an attractive Asian woman and one that looks like a monkey.

White Guy: "I fucked that slam slam pussy good!"

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Remark of emphasis, to punctuate a statement or comment in a strong fashion, to expose ones' shortcomings or failings,

Bitch, you stupid! Awwwwwww slam slam!!!!!!

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Acronym for "Stop looking at my screen", often uttered by n00bs after getting owned at GoldenEye.

person A: "omfg, i died. slams."
person B: "you suck. what?"
person A: "stop looking at my screen, thats cheating"
person B: stfu

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a word made up by and stolen from the drum line...

has no meaning, can be used to end a sentence, as an agreement, or a general exclamation

yo wut r we gonna do tonight, slams?
I dunno, slams.

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