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What is sketch ball?

A situation where you are doing something dangerous or troublesome, a.k.a. sketchy, and you need to have balls to even attempt it.

"Dude you just pinched that girl's ass while her muscle head boyfriend was next to her, that was sketch balls!"

Climbing a rickety, old ladder with a full can of open paint, over looking a staircase. "Man that situation is sketch balls."

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Sketch ball - what is it?

A term used in an incredibly already sketch situation, adding more dramatic effect towards the word sketch.

such as and then sketch-balls man the cops showed up

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What does "sketch ball" mean?

Verb, to exibit sketchy behaivior

Dude, that hottie just waved at you and you totally sketch balled her.

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Sketch ball - what does it mean?

1) Freaking out

2)Doing things in a very confused manner possibly while high ( If High very similar to "tripping balls")

1)a: Calm down man, its no big deal that your a little behind in work
b: No man it is a big deal. I am sketching balls right now

2)Dude...Dude, I'm sketching balls right now

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Sketch ball

A person, place, or event that is of questionable quality and/or reputation

Matt: Are you sure they won't card us at this liquor store?
Me: I dont think so, it seems pretty sketch balls to me.

#2 Matt: This chick really wants to hook up with me tonight.
Me: I dont know man, she seems pretty sketch balls to me.

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Sketch ball

Apart from all of the noun definitions;

v. to look at (eyeball) somebody in a strange or sketchy way, as if about to call the police.

Don't fucking drive 80 down my street. My neighbor was sketch balling you the whole time.

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Sketch ball

1. One who is "sketch" quite often.

"Hell no, that sketch ball isn't coming to my party!"

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Sketch ball

someone who is sketchy or creepy

a group of sketch balls just walked up.

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Sketch ball

A sketchy, weird, or suspicious person.

Dude, see that guy standing there, staring at the cheerleaders? He's such a sketch ball

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Sketch ball

Serves as a multiplier of sorts for the adjective "Sketch." Can be used to describe any person or situation that is unpleasantly odd or out of place. Often used specifically to denote a person who may seem untrustworthy, paranoid, or generally displeasing.

"Sitting in a parking lot with your lights off at 2 a.m. is way sketch ball."

"That dealer is a sketch ball to the max."

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