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What is simple?

Like period but for when you have to talk to people who act slow

Like for real you can really be quiet SIMPLE !

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Simple - what is it?

Used mainly by the YouTuber SoLLUMANATI. Used to described something to be straight forward and be straight fax.

Flight, you are a walking L ... simple. You have you have no badges my nigga ... simple.

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What does "simple" mean?

A word popularized by Solluminati and which it’s means like yeah or fasho . Simple is used only be real niggas

that nigga a bitch ass nigga SIMPLE.

Dam that bih smacking SIMPLE

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Simple - what does it mean?

A word used to belittle someone who isn't in fact, 'simple', usually by people who fit the adjective themselves.

Person superior in intelligence, culture and wit: You really are a pointless, thick, ugly piece of scum. Why don't you leave me alone, you bullying scumbag.

Charv: Sorry that you are simple, like (but spoken in a coarse manner).

Ironic for the charv to call someone simple considering their lifestyles(binge drinking, generally yobbery and scum-baggery).

Reference: Kirkley Hall Agriculture College, Northumberland.

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as in not complicated.

"god! why don't you get it?!?! it's so simple... I wanna DO you! do i have to spell it out for you?"

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something that's so obvious that it's a victory. Something that's good, that's commendable.

You got that thot's number????? That's a fuckin simple.

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Being happy with the current moment whether it's how you're wanting it to go or nor. Loving what you're doing or at least something about it. Spend some days outside every now and then just because. with neighbors friends or family.

That sort of stuff that makes you say, "man, what a good day." -simple

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One who is not very smart

What are you, simple?

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when a person acts in a way that insults their own intelligence

Beth, you are SIMPLE!

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A word to use after you “roast” someone and or state a fact. Popular term used by the Youtuber SoLLUMINATI.

My mans is a doo doo shirt and grey pants, SIMPLE.”

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