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What is sheer?

When something that happens that a person or group of people find to be unbelievable.

Guy One: Did you see the video of that guy on youtube busting his knuckles up on a wall because of modern warfare 2?

Guy Two: Yeah, that was sheer whatthefuckery.

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sheer - meme gif

sheer meme gif

sheer - video

Sheer - what is it?

when a female with a very large bush, or hairy legs shaves herself at work and tells her guy friends via internet chat

the other day i was talking to my female friend over the internet and she told me she was sheering sheep, it was really awkward.

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What does "sheer" mean?

sheer bower is the term used when you drink a beer in the shower, specifically when getting ready to go out to a bar, party etc. while your pre-gaming

I'm gonna have a sheer bower while I get ready tonight for the party.

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Sheer - what does it mean?

utter or unqualified stupidity

His post is sheer stupidity

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Sheer - meaning

One of the best NYHC bands in history.

Enough of your shit, I've had it up to here. It's time I make my intentions clear, I don't give a fuck about your skinhead pride and I could care less about the lower east side. - Just Can't Hate Enough

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Sheer - definition

A fat ass chick that is a jew, this dirty ass wont stfu about others and will only relate to others and not herself, like bitch please worry ab urself

Sheer you whore

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Sheer - slang

a drinking game where you have some hedge clippers and you throw them in the air and if they get stuck in the ground you do not have to drink, they they do not get stuck you do have to drink
NOTE: must be pre drunk to play or else it is a ridiculous game.

HAHA u suck now u gotta drink
well lets see what u can do JERK
YES im good now i dont gotta drink... but ima drink ne ways cause its fun:) SHEERS like cheers but with the SH

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Island infested with chavs and immigrants and you'll most likely get stabbed.
Good place if you want to lose your virginity though, you could get shagged for a packet of quavers

Person 1: Oi mate you wanna go Sheerness to hit the beach?
Person 2: The beach is shit, I'll probably get stabbed and my dead corpse shagged

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Noun -- A type of men's dress sock that is sheer or thin, often worn to formal events. This terminology is typically used in the northern United States. In other areas referred to as sheer socks.

Greg and Pete got all dressed up with their shiny dress shoes and sheers to go to the wedding.

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complete and utter brilliance, used by attractive girls

"Oh FUCK this is fucking sheer bitch!"

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