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What is shapeshift?

A crafty or shifty person, someone who you do not trust.

I dont like the way he moves hes a damn shapeshifter

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Shapeshift - what is it?

A metamorphosis of ones life.Like shapeshifting mermaids who changed from sea to land with tail replaced by legs,shapeshifting is an adaptive transformation for the better.

When Gayle began his new position at the Menlo Park startup he did some quick shapeshifting to keep in stride with his coworkers never giving off the air he was a rural kid from the midwest.

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What does "shapeshift" mean?

A female who, at first, comes across as, for lack of a better word, 'perfect.' Upon further examination, however, and as time progresses, the female will go through a series of changes, including but not limited to mood swings, lying, cheating, stealing of financial assets, using a male for transportation or expensive hand bags, and ultimately, the savage ripping out of the male human's intestines, heart, lungs, and stomach, leaving the male a puddle of broken hopes and dreams on the floor. Happy Birthday Gage.

Mother, I'm having a female come over for dinner tonight, if that's alright with father.' 'Is she a nice girl son? What is her name?' 'Don't worry mom, Susie's not a shapeshifter.

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Shapeshift - what does it mean?

A female that appears initially to be attractive, but when seen from different angles or on different occasions, looks to be ugly or mediocre. This pattern can continue and makes it difficult for males to know if the girl is really attractive or not. Shapeshifters are often good at hiding their ugliness with hair, certain makeup, or clothing in very specific instances.

"I can't figure this girl out. The first time i saw her, she looked really hot. Then on our next date, she looked totally average. She's a shapeshifter."

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Shapeshift - meaning

A type of drawing technique that fluidly morphs, reshapes with more definition into something new, sometimes by rotating canvas. So many drawings in one.

Twitch creative stream chat: "Wow dude, that is shapeshifter kung fu you are dropping on canvas."

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Shapeshift - definition

β€’a Trademark - ShapeShifters is a comic book, graphic novel & video animation series featuring action / adventures / fantasy / mythology / science fiction and love stories

β€’the ShapeShifters or Shape-Shifters was an internet video arts group on the www that shifted & transformed itself into a comic book & video animation empire

β€’Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythology and folklore as well as in science fiction and fantasy. In its broadest sense, it is when a being has the ability to alter its physical appearance. ...

β€’the ShapeShifters comic books rock!

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Shapeshift - slang

A weak-minded individual who bends their personality in order to befriend certain people. This person usually has very low self esteem and feels very insecure about his or her lack of accomplishments in the world or about just being his or her self.

Why the fuck is Joey such a shapeshifter? He is an asshole to me, he acts like an idiot around Michael, pretends to be serious around Amanda, and an emo around Brandon. How many different personalities can this poser really have?

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A person who can alter their shape into a form of an animal. Usual shapeshifters can change into only one animal, but sometimes they can change into multiple forms at will. Silver cannot harm shapeshifters, nor can items of religon. The usual animal form is a very large wolf, and shapeshifters usually get mistaken for werewolves.
The difference is in appearance werewolves tend to walk on two feet, shapeshifters walk just like the animal they change into to and that the full moon has no control over their change, only their emotions.

The pain of losing him became so unbareable, that the shapeshifter changed into the wolf so she could try to feel something besides the pain.

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A derogatory term for Jews.
In the 2006 Mockumentary Borat, two of the characters believe that Jews can "shape-shift".

In 2015, in the wake of the Charlie Hedbo attacks, a reporter interviewed Parisians that claimed that some Jews could shape-shift in real life.

β€˜I talked to a young men who said that he felt, the attacks were actually a conspiracy by the Jews to make Muslims look bad and that they weren’t just regular Jews doing this. In fact they were a race of magical Jews, shape-shifting Jews that were master-manipulators and could be everywhere at the same time.’

911 was the work of those shapeshifters

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To change forms, usually across different species but sometimes within the same, only gaining a different appearance. Usually has to do with magical creatures.

A werewolf will shapeshift from man to wolf during the full moon.

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