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What is sell the house?

James Charles' mispresenting the phrase "the house down"

This sister is shady THE HOUSE

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Sell the house - what is it?

1. An adverb used primarily in LGBTQ+ or makeup/drag queen settings to mean that something is in excess, highly noticeable, or overbearing in nature. Somewhat interchangeable with "so much" or even an exclamation point in some instances. Initially popularized by YouTuber Rich Lux and further spread by Jeffree Star, Gigi Gorgeous, and Tati Westbrook.

2. A popular form is to say "clock it the house", meaning that something unfavorable was noticed.

3. Can simply be used to say in isolation meaning: "totally", "agreed", or "of course".

Rich Lux: "She loved Asian men the HOUSE".

Abby: "Did you notice the highlighter on that queen?"
David: "Girl, sister packed on that highlighter the HOUSE."

Jenny: "I walked into the club ready to party. We're talking EDM and neon lights the HOUSE".

Emory: "Wow, that was one trashy performance, sis clearly had no clue how to dance in heels"
Jeffree: "Clock it the house".

Tyrell: "That boys was cute, he had biceps the HOUSE."
Max: "The HOUSE, the HOUSE".

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What does "sell the house" mean?

A rare last name. Almost as rare as them. They're most commonly know as loyal, loving, caring, thoughtful, and can have a bit of a temper. For the most part they have your back as long as you don't screw them over. Never fight fire with fire if a sells is involved. They may seem shy and conservative but in the inside they're raging. Stay in the good side and you'll have a good friend out of a sells

Man I can't fight. Really wish a sells had my back!

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Sell the house - what does it mean?

Drugs being sold.

I have to make my sells early tomorrow so imma go to sleep

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Sell the house

the Utahn version of "sale" or "sail"

1.) I once went selling in a sellboat

2.) For Sell: 2000 GMC Suburban

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Sell the house

A great salesperson, although out-of-control at the snap of the fingers.

The meeting was going great until Sell smashed the monitor to bits and pieces.

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Sell the house

To be dealing drugs.

The minimum that I'm selling is QP's.

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Sell the house

When playing the gameNBA 2k19” and shooting contested shots and yelling GREEN and missing your shots.

You’re selling dude.
You air balled

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Sell the house

Commonly used as the basketball game 2k to "Sell" is to not do good as usual or to throw the game away and do bad.

An example of Sell: Man I played with Shawn and he sold the game when we were up 15-0
I hope I don't sell this game I'm usually pretty good

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Sell the house

What you say when things go so wrong that there's no chance that they could get better or when you mess something up to the point that you cant fix it. Saying this is usually accompanied by throwing your hands in the air and turning away. This is usually an over-reaction.

"Hey, I just spilled sour milk all over the carpet... Screw it, sell the house!"

"I think I left my kid at the grocery store... Sell the house!"

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