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What is scary?

To be scared of someone or someting

That nigga looks scary.

Dont be scary you bitch.

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Scary - what is it?

the way somebody acts

" damn nigga, why you acting scary? go talk to that gurl!"

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What does "scary" mean?

not doing something because are afraid. it defines ur actions.

why you being scary????
she's hella scary

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Scary - what does it mean?

extremely; very, very

He's a scary good cook.

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Scary - meaning

A Hot Pocket fresh out of the microwave

Yo I got some mad cheese burn from that scary ass hot pocket!

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Scary - definition

something that makes u shit urself.

that was fucking scary, i shit myself

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Scary - slang

The state or act of being afraid.

My scary ass couldn't sleep after watching The Exorcist.

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If you're "scary" you're scared.

"Why you so scary for?" means Why you so scared for?
"Stop acting so scary." means Stop acting so scared.

When Phat Rat called G-Unit "scary ass niggas" he wasn't saying that G-Unit frightens him..
He was saying that THEY are scared of BWS and fear them.
(BWS meaning Black Wall Street)

"Scary ass niggas" - Phat Rat on G-Unit

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Bringing a feeling of unease and terror

"That movie was definitely scary.

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Seeing your mother naked

WARNING! By trying this out you may have the following side effects:

1. Heart attack
2. Tramatized
3. Burning eyes

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