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What is saying goodbye?

The word every girl hates to say to someone they love.

“Goodbye Katie.” Said Conor.
“Please don’t say that, I love you!” Katie sobbed as Conor walked away.

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Saying goodbye - what is it?

Term used to show people who will never see somebody again.


See you later.
So long?

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What does "saying goodbye" mean?

The second worst word in the human dictionary.

Means leaving someone or something, and sometimes never seeing them again.

It was nice seeing you Emily... goodbye.

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Saying goodbye - what does it mean?

A form of address at parting. Phrase exchanged between people when going their separate ways.

"Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting." -Peter Pan

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Saying goodbye

These words comes out of David Tennant's aka the tenth Doctor's wonderful mouth on Bad Wolf Bay during the Doomsday episode. Everytime I see this I cry a little tear, because it's one of the sweetest quotes in Doctor Who.

Doctor - "I'm burning up the sun just to say goodbye."

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Saying goodbye

To visit the toilet in order to defecate. To have a poo. To drop the kids off at the pool.

"Sorry I couldn't come to the phone. I was saying goodbye to some old friends."

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Saying goodbye

A good comeback for when an asshole is making fun of you for being short

Asshole: You're so short lmao, you can't even hurt someone!
Person: Say goodbye to your kneecaps, asshole.

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Saying goodbye

When you are an idiot fuck that says stupid shit just say goodbye.

Say goodbye Caillou.

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Saying goodbye

on god hoe whats crackin

When some fake ass niggas acting goofy as a motherfucker and piss you off.

Marshall- "Nigga whats crackin cuh, boi on god ima fight that hoe."
Jonathon- "Nigga you ain't even black, say goodbye man, say goodbye."

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Saying goodbye

saying goodbye can be the hardest thing you ever have to be, but it can also be the easiest. saying goodbye to someone you love can really hurt . but sometimes saying goodbye to the fake ass hoes is good. it can be as painful as watching michael scott leave the office or as great as the black hood getting killed in riverdale

person #1: how's lexi?

person #2 : homie i don't want to talk about it i hated saying goodbye to her

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