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What is sandwich maker?

when your in an open relationship with someone recently you went out with and makes you sandwiches and has sex with you when ever you want them to.

he wanna just be friends? bitch fine! .... later hey wanna just make me sandwiches and do dirty things? you can be my like sex slave / sandwich maker!

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Sandwich maker - what is it?

Synonym: Lizzy

Person 1: I am so hungry..
Person 2: Ask the best #1 sandwich maker to make you one!
Person 1: Who might that be?
Person 2: Lizzy! Of course!

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What does "sandwich maker" mean?

The COD perk only women can access. This perk allows women to make sandwiches at a faster speed than normal to please a man.

Why don't you use sandwich maker pro and make me a damn sandwich.

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Sandwich maker - what does it mean?

A person who refuses to make you a sandwich, even though you asked them too

Hey, make me a sandwich.


But you are usually making them


This bitch be a sandwich maker.

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Sandwich maker - meaning

A drug dealer.

"Don't worry man, the sandwich maker can get it for you, no sweat."

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Sandwich maker - definition

Someone's girlfriend.

Guy 1: So i hear you got yourself a sandwich maker.
Guy 2: Yeah, she's awesome

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