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What is saggy tits?

Gay or unsuall kid big saggy boobs like no other. he was 3 when he got boobs and 4 wwhen they got saggy they are wonderful to hold rip off

I like to grab me some Carsons saggy tits

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saggy tits - video

Saggy tits - what is it?

Someone who is a fucking fat ass with super size saggy tits.

Someone like Nathan, bob, bobby, or Ian that has saggy tits and want to smack people with them

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What does "saggy tits" mean?

A person who doesn't really participate in things, basicly a stick in the mud.

Stevie is a saggy tit, he wouldn't help us teepee Izzy's house.

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Saggy tits - what does it mean?

A woman who didn’t wear a bra her whole life so her boobies hang down her chest touching her toes. Also is momo since she’s got saggy titties

You got some saggy tits mate

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Saggy tits - meaning

When your tit sags

Did u see Bailey she always has saggy tit

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Saggy tits - definition

Do your tits hang low?
Do they waddle to the floor?
Can you tie them in a knot? Can you tie them in a bow?
Can you throw them over your shoulder.. etc. etc.

Basically boobs that are either so big that they are touching your belly button or your just REALLY old.

DAYUM that girl has got some SAGGY TITS jeez.

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Saggy tits - slang

A degree of lameness so far beyond being lame. You made the tit sag.

A: you want to go to a party later?
B: yeah, sure. call me when you're ready to come get me.
(2 hours later)
A: i'm gonna come get you now
B: i fell asleep and am not feeling well
A: you're really saggy titting it this time

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Saggy tits

The condition where a woman's or man's breasts hang down below the initial point of saggyness.

Ian, you have the looks of a 50 year old woman, you saggy tittied bastard...

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Saggy tits

when a womans or mans breast's appear to become large tubesocks filled with warm oatmeal.

My grandmother's vagina reeks of mustard and she has some of the worst saggy tits this side of the should bang her.

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Saggy tits

Usually said out of impulse, and unprovoked. The "tits" part is held on and exaggerated, and along with a gay voice it sounds very annoying. People usually say this when they are trying to make people like them.

Kid: Yeh, that tv program last night was great.
C.R(interupting): Yeh, SAGGY TIIIIIITS!!!! Ha hahahaha!

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