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What is saggi?

boobs that have hence since dropped unetrievably south...

'my god, that 85 yr old woman would be so fuckable if it wasn't for her 3 foot saggies'

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Saggi - what is it?

frank blass' breasts

frank blass is saggy in his breastal area

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What does "saggi" mean?

an old pussy which have been fucked a lot of times; a loose pussy

Wilson: "Yo, lets put some milf porn right now!"

Steven: "Fuck that shit bro i dun wanna see that saggy pussy"

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Saggi - what does it mean?

An extreme version of the juiciness , this is when the juiciness or love handles get so big that they sag off the woman, this is a very big turn off to most men, but some men , mostly African American men, enjoy their women to have the sagginess

Trevon: hey bra, look at that fine girl over there
Omar: who the fat one
Trevon: nah bro, she ain't fat she got that good juiciness
Omar: nah that's sagginess bro

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1. Something that is in a baggy or loose state;

2. Something that is clearly past it's best

1. Look at Lauren wearing that saggy top, what a filthy, dirty slag, she clearly wants laid tonight but we all know...she ain't getting none!

2. Lauren's saggy diddies that look like two fried eggs.

"Jesus Christ Lauren put that bra back on you fucking repulsive person!

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refering to a vaginal passage looser than your average garage door normally found with old women and prostitues.

nobody likes a saggy

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When your boobies touch the floor. It is used in a compliment form.

Tim: Hey Granny, Your looking extra saggy today
Granny: Thanks Tim, your man boobs are looking pretty saggy, too.

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Sad in a way that's can't be fixed at all.

"you got fired from your job, and yo man fucked your sister?" That's saggy

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Usually made fun of, but they are one of the nicest people

Saggi’s are better than Dhaliwals

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A person who has the unnatural ability to define the word 'gay' with just their appearance. Origins are unclear, but some believe that the word was coined by a mysterious figure who goes by the name of 'Quan'. Etymologists are still investigating.

'Hey, dude, look at that saggi over there.'
'Gosh. He doesn't look like he's ever gonna have sex.'

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