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What is romantic?

So romantic it's magical.

His marrage proposal was absolutly romantical.

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Romantic - what is it?

All romantic and shit.

Baby, this trip is romantical.

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What does "romantic" mean?

1. A sweet, and sometime naïve person who sees beauty in everything, and loves with their whole heart.
2. Someone who wants to make their partner/lover feel special, so they will do and/or give things that are considered. . .beautiful to prove their love for the other person. . . (I hope that makes sense.)
3. Scenery can be 'romantic'.
Romantic basically means beautiful and/or pure.

This is just me thinking out loud.

Exp.1: "Johnny is such a romantic."
Exp.2: "Johnny was so romantic when he asked Marie to marry him."
Exp.3: "That sunset was so romantic. . ."

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Romantic - what does it mean?

To burp in Alyce's face.

"Buuurp.", "Oh, I love you too."

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Romantic - meaning

Any Handsome guy who is interested in a female.

"OMG Justin is so Romantic, He said 'Hi' to me"

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Romantic - definition

richie the puppy

richie is so romantic, he never has to change

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Romantic - slang

An illusion of idealised love/situation.

Romantic love is not always real.

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Adjective: Used to describe a thing, act or object that expresses and requires intimacy beyond what usually occurs in a relationship, highly subjective and eluding understanding outside of said relationship.

Noun: Used to refer to people that either are perceived to be able to be romantic more often than others or people that believe in some kind of scheme of live where idealized love has any meaning. Often used derogatory.

Alice: It was so romantic when Ted and I went catching psychotropic toads and smoked them in abandoned factories.
Bob: WTF?

Alice: I think Bob is a romantic.
Carol: You'll never know until you try.

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To be Romantic: To embody a certain ideal as a partner, or to be creative and innovative in a relationship.

In general a view on love, based on novells from the 18th century which introduced the concept of wordlove/word.

In current standards often outdated.

"That picnic was so romantic!!"

"He can be so romantic sometimes!"

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a romantic is a person who believes in romanticism, which is like a philosophy on life. Romantics love nature, old things like castles and churches, love poetry and beauty, and have a tendency to get carried away by ideas. This can be both bad and good, as most of the original romantics stood up for their beliefs and greatly helped England, but also went to help people in revolutions and got killed. They also tend to get randomly depressed, but this is because the weather and colors and beatiful things make them act differently than others.

Lord Byron was the greatest romantic who will ever live.

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