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What is rock out?

Smoking Crack. Refers to crack cocaine's other nick name "Rock".

A. -Are you still Rocking out?
B. -Occaisonly, but I trying to stop.

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rock out - video

Rock out - what is it?

"with your cock out"

This usually entails drinking copious ammounts of beer, turning to the neerest available "mate" and exposing ones genitals to the elements, whilst "throwing up the horns" (common Rock music gesture).
Synonimous to "Hang out with your wang out"
and "having your penis outside of your pants and looking like a douchebag" (thankyou Ryan).

The "rocker" is usually the subject of much humilliation during the following days/months/years etc.

-"Hey did you hear what Jack did this weekend? He got like totally trashed and showed Russ his dick!"
-"what the hell really?"
-"yep, he rocked out with his cock out"
-"haha! ROCK OUT!!!"


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What does "rock out" mean?

"Go crazy"

"Man that guy really likes to rock out"

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Rock out - what does it mean?

1. The act of enthusiastically listening to music of the genre rock and roll

2. Public display of crack cocaine

1. I'm gonna go rock out on some ACDC

2. dude yo left yo rock out!

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Rock out - meaning

Listening to some ill beats on your jam box while headbanging (lightly or heavy) and taping your foot, maybe even signing along.

Dood! You rocking out to a friigin country song!

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Rock out - definition

To enjoy music excessively, often while operating a motor vehicle. Rocking out often occurs at a stoplight and can be impulsive. Rocking out often involves playing the air guitar, air drums, and the air tambourine. The alleged rock out star usually plays every instrument in the song at least once. It rarely goes unnoticed.

There have been no reported deaths from rocking out.

Dude, I totally got caught rocking out in my car today.
So? It happens
I was listening to Ace of Base...
Ooooh snap!

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Rock out - slang

to listen to or play music to such an extent that the mind begins to lose consiousness and a new, more insane alter ego takes control

Dude, he's rocking out!

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Rock out

To reach a state of inebriation where one looses track of all time and space. Usually involves mass quantities of beer, one's best friends, and drinking until sunrise.

We should rock out next weekend!

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Rock out

said when an individual has to leave one or more friends abruptly.

"Sorry guys, I got to rock out. My girlfriend just called and told me to come over because her parents just left.

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Rock out

Where you are compulsed by the total arse-kicking-ness of a song (mainly rock and metal) to go ballistic. This can include air guitaring, jumping around, showing the horns and generally making a tit out of yourself. But it's ok, cause you're ROCKING OUT!

* Riff Raff by AC/DC hits *

"ROCK OUT!!!!!"

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