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What is rides?

when a girl mounts a guy on top and bobs or rides up and down.

I like riding my man's cock.

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Rides - what is it?

instead of being a ride or die and you are the one who wanna live you will be called a ride or ride

you get in a deadly fight and you sit back and call the cops cuz you cherish your life so your a ride or ride

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What does "rides" mean?

The Nazi Low Riders. A validated prison gang in California.

OG Wood: Back in the 90s, The Ride was deep. Then they thought they could take on The Brand. That didn't turn out so well.

OG Shamrock: Now NLR stands for Not Leaving Reception.

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Rides - what does it mean?

Allowing a female hitch-hiker to tag along in exchange for consensual intercourse.

The greatest kick in trucking apart from knocking down a biker is swinging up a roundabout and picking up a hiker. You're chatting up that piece of skirt who's sitting by your side and then pop that crucial question: A RIDE FOR A RIDE?

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Rides - meaning

someone offering their cock to be inserted either in one's ass or pussy

Hey baby, wanna ride this ride?

I'll let you ride this ride if you think you can take it?

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Rides - definition

When you exchange a ride somewhere in a person's car for a sexual ride on/with said person.

Suzy: "Hey Jim can I get a ride home?"
Jim: "Sure, Ride for Ride?"
Suzy: "Ok! fair enough!"
-Jim gives her a ride home and they fuck each other's brains out-

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Rides - slang

The act of soliciting a prostitute for some action.

I saw this hot chick by the bus stop so I axed her if she wanted a 'ride ride'.

Hooker: May I have a ride?

John: You mean a 'ride ride'?

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for boys it means a car (ride)
for girls, it means shoes, heels or any other type of footwear

usually used by cliques or is addressed by friends to each other

I have a fancy taste for rides.

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only idiots use it.

person 1: "hey d00d check out mah new rides!!"
person 2: "shut the fuck up you loser they're called sneakers!!!"

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To have sexual intercourse.

"Hay luke did you get rides from that chick last nite?"
"Oh fo' sure!"

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