Definder - what does the word mean?

What is restrictive?

Somebody who Calls you using *67 because they are immature and want to annoy the living crap out of you. Restricted callers tend to be large groups of annoying girls who are trying to play a prank and end up giggling half way through what they were trying to say. Restricted callers are never funny although they hang up laughing as if they were.

*Ring Ring*

Guy: Hello?
Restricted Caller: Yes Hi *giggle* Would you like a *giggle* large pepperoni goat pizza? *giggle giggle*

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Restrictive - what is it?

RESTRICTED is an alias of a kid that thinks he can make a difference in the world with his music that he usually uploads on Soundcloud.

Kid 1: Have u heard RESTRICTED's new track on SoundCloud?
Kid 2: Nah man, is it good?
Kid 1: Na, its shit.

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What does "restrictive" mean?

Put a limit on

He wasn't trying to restrict her activities

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Restrictive - what does it mean?

It's basically restricted but a different word.

The park is restrictive to go in. (I hate this example)

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Restrictive - meaning

What they put you on when you go to crap boarding schools like me. They take away things you NEED to do for no reason.

Me: Yeah, uh, I'm HAVE to get part-time job, so from now on I'll have to leave after school every couple days for a few hours.
Advisor-guy: You can't do that.
Me: What? Why can't you guys let me?
Advisor-guy: Because.. uh.. we like to suck dick.

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Restrictive - definition


Linda: "Why isn't she on her phone?"
Sara: "I think she's restricted"

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Restrictive - slang

1. When you can't do something
2. When a person cannot get to class
3. A bear
4. A person who likes Ice Mountain

Girl: Hey Restrictions
Boy: Why do you call me Restrictions?
Girl: Go look it up.

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When something stops you from attending an event.

Shiv: I can't come to the park today. I've got to help my mum.
Laura: Arrrrr restricted!!

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Generally used when talking about eating disorders, meaning restricting food intake.

"Have you been restricting again?"

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When you can't log into your account.

James: "Why can't we play multiplayer?"
Viktor: "I'm restricted."

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