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What is reload?

Very good Metallica album.

guy 1:"Hey, man, you ever hear Reload?"
guy 2:"yeah. The Unforgiven II is awesome"

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Reload - what is it?

when having sex with your partner, at the point of climax pull out and ejaculate on them, once the ejaculation is complete use your penis to "scoop" up some of the semen and flick it on them again while shouting in a voice loud enough to startle them RELOAD.

Ralph, "After Jamie and I had sex I hit her with RELOAD".

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What does "reload" mean?

To vote in an election... apparently.

Get out and reload this November!

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Reload - what does it mean?

The time period between bustin' a nut and being able to bust a nut again.

So i was fuckin this chick, then we cooled down for a reload, then i was fuckin her some more.

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The act of extracting a booger from one nostril and inserting it into the other nostril

Today I picked a huge cliff hanger and there was no one to show it to. So I reloaded my booger until my buddy came over to show him.

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The worst Metallica album, right next to Load and St. Anger

ReLoad is pure proof that Metallica should have given up after Cliff Burton died

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The rules of shotgun state that the driver can call one "reload" when "shotgun" has been called. This word will, in effect, null out the previous "shotgun" call and allow a second calling of "shotgun", allowing another passenger the opportunity to call. However, if the original winner re-calls it, then he may sit in his rightful shotgun position.

Note: It can only be called once and only by the driver. Remember, its your only hope when the fat bitch that smells of fish has called it.

Passenger 1: SHOTGUN!!

Driver: RELOAD!

Passenger 2: SHOTGUN!!

(Passenger two claims shotgun position)

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Play the track again

"yo dj, can i get a reload?!"

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Reload: (verb) Something you do after your target is dead.

Sometimes, I forget to reload.

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MC asking this DJ to play the track again, so the MC can tear it up on the mic and get the crowd hyped up if they love the track.

MC: "I say RELOAD, you say now"

Crowd: "NOW"
Crowd: "NOW"
MC: "Selecta pull on that, pull on that"

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