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What is regard?

When you sarcastically end an email to be professionally polite - but what you actually meant to say is: 'fuck off ye cunt'

Dear Darren,

Please re-do the stair drawings by the end of the day today, final deadline.



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Regard - what is it?

When cum tastes like trash and you want to die cuz it feels like what your about to ingest will make you die or when your boyfriend has sex with his tounge

Ashley: wow he's so regarded
Ashley: *walks up to boy*
Ashley: hey wanna have a regard
Boy: *pulls out tounge*
Boy: let's make out then you can give me a blowjob

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What does "regard" mean?

To look at something's in a different way.

I can't regard at myths just being legends.Some of them can be true.

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Regard - what does it mean?

Short for regardless.

No matter what

Despite the influences of the environment

Originated in Kent, WA

Credits to Jory Davis - Man Weekend 2008

Also see: Regardless of the circumstances

greg: aye boy wuh guh
mike: dunno dude, blunts and breezies?
greg: regard
mike: gard

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Regard - meaning

A newly popular and universally applicable expletive for expressing one's outrage at the injudicious or uncivil behavior of one's peers

Ben: "I just rubbed mango skin all over Hope's face and gave her a rash!

Jake: "No regard! The contact dermatitis from allergens in mango peel is rather unpleasant!"

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Regard - definition

Short way for saying best regards at the end of an Email

your name / email

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Regard - slang

somebody so fucking retarded they can't say retarded correctly

arthur: your so regarded you gay head
jane: no u

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A way to say fuck off in sarcasm

Kind regards d***head

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bruh you misspelled retarded, how could you (if i we're you, i would disable auto correct)

you are regarded

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Used at the end of an email when you wish to tell the person "fuck you" in a passive aggressive manner.



Fuck You:


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