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What is realize?

Post-nut-realization is the process of realizing something you were sexually into and after you bust a nut, you realize how fucked up it was and now you see yourself as disgusting pig (mainly happens to people under the age of 18)

Noah: “I nutted to a post of a hot girl in our school.”
Ben: “Dude what the fuck, she’s in 7th grade!”
Noah: “oh shit”
Ben: “That is called Post-Nut-Realization

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Realize - what is it?

A phrase you'll often hear dickbags say. They think they're being clever, but they're really just being patronizing, bags of shit. The phrase is usually uttered in contempt when someone expresses appreciation for something. Usually followed by "..right?"

Guy 1: "Man I love this movie!"

Guy 2: "You do realize ... it's a terrible movie, right?"

Guy 1: "Fuck you asshole."

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What does "realize" mean?

After partying continuously for a few hours, and still feeling fine, you sit on the toilet to use the bathroom, and it is then and there that you realize you are totally wasted.

"OMG you guys, I just had a bathroom realization, I need to drink water for awhile."

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Realize - what does it mean?

Just after you nut where you go
"Wow this girl I just jacked off to is real nasty." Or where you loose complete sexual interest after you bust.

You- Fuck me this chick is sucking that dick so good.

You post nut- Man wtf this chick is nasty and the concept of porn is fucked up, I mean I'm getting off to someone getting off wtf man I just had a
"Masterbation Realization".

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Realize - meaning

A pretentious and pseudo-intelligent way of saying "realized."

I've came to the realization that I could save a lot of time by just saying "realized" instead.

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Realize - definition

A hybrid between a womanizer and the realization of 'I-could-do-so-much-better-than-this-piece-of-shit'!
Basically, the guy who seemed interesting at first, but soon turns out to be the stepping stone to something better. A wake-up call for the inner romantic. A necessary failure in the ever-challenging dating game.

Samantha: So, how are things between you and Dave?
Candice: Don't even ask! It was, like, so great at first. But, after I met Ricky, I figured Dave was just a realizer.

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Realize - slang

The moment when you come to the solution that you messed that f*** up

Been realizing a lot lately.

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The apex of becoming or being real. To be known for being your own individual self, rather than playing the role of what everyone desires you to be. Not a mold of society's expectations. Becoming "realized" requires utmost loyalty and the constant reality of life. Life is not to be lived a dream.

mr. gatsby its about time to get realized

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1. an act of becoming fully aware of something as a fact.

2. the fulfillment or achievement of something desired or anticipated.

The other day I had the realization that my friends were very weird.

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to finally understand

"dude i just realized how screwed we are"

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