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What is radical?


Dude ur mixtape is radical
Fuck you Jerry it's 2015

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Radical - what is it?

something that is incredibly cool
a better word for 'awesome' or 'cool'

'wow you know kirstie?'
'yeah, she's fucking radical'

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What does "radical" mean?

This word describes something that is considered very good.

That trick was totally radical dude!

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Radical - what does it mean?

Means something good.

Skateboards are totally radical dude!

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A word used by people over the age of 30 in an attempt to sound cool, usually resulting in the opposite.

Jim: (to friend) Hey check it out I got a new snowboard.

Jim's mom: (overhearing conversation) Yeah its totally radical.

Jim: OK you can go away now.

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another word for cool, awsome, wicked, mad. but of course, Radical is Radicaller than those words

Dude 1: you are radical dude.
Dude 2: thanks dude your radical too.

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Radical (rahd eek al) is a word used proficiently and often by Michaelangelo of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is the only one on earth that truly knows its awesomeness, although such scholars as William Preston-Esquire and Theordore Theordore Logan have come close to unveiling the true natures of such speak. The best reason for dividing radical is to make more mini-radicals influence from the beinning radical, in hopes of creating a little radical for everyone. And pizza.


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A radical is a person subscribing to a political ideology supporting massive, unmeasured, and rapid change. Radicalism is contrasted with conservatism that advocate minimum change, reactionary action advocating counter-change, as well as progressivism advocating moderate/measured change.

A radical would want to chang, for example, a feudal system into a completely capitalist system, or a completely capitalist system into a communist one. Another exaple of radicalism would be a person who wanted to change an Islamic Theocracy into an Atheist state (see!

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adj.- a description of an action or thing which is especially impressive.

n.- an extremist of a belief or a rebel

Did you see Tony Hawk pull off the 900? It was a radical move.

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When something is really cool but you really want to go over board so you say radical

That kickflip was radical dude 😎🤙

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