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What is quiet?

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be quiet

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Quiet - what is it?

1. Making little noise , to be unheard

2. A sexy secondary character in the MGSV franchise. She wears minimal clothing do to a infection that makes her breath through her skin.

1. "Hey, the teacher didn't even notice that you hit the breeze in class - that was super quiet."

2."Damnnnnn I just unlocked quiet in MGSV she is fine.

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What does "quiet" mean?

To shut someone down after they say something so stupid they should not even be allowed to speak.
Must be said in a very loud monotone voice to emphasis the stupidity like this

Injured Person: Damnit that hurt i hate when i slam my fingers in doors
Dumbass:Dude did that hurt?
Onlooker: QUIET

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Quiet - what does it mean?

What you say instead of STFU when your grandparents be talkin they ass.

Grandma: I be goin to the docta today, he be prescribin me some medicine, and-
Person watching tv: be quiet

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Quiet - meaning

Keeping things chilled and lowkey.

After a day at work, I like to get together with my boys and take a quiet wash.

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Quiet - definition

1) Containing little noise, but not silence.

2) The state of little sound.

3) To lower something's (usually the voice's) sound.

1) This room is quiet.

2) The quiet in this room is creeping me out.

3) Quiet, you hooligan!

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Quiet - slang

Similar to it's slow you don't want to do something, or something isn't worth your time or energy. A smart ass way to say no.

Ex 1:
Me: It's quiet for school tomorrow. I don't want to see all those dickheads.

Ex 2:

Adrian: Yo, can I barrow 10 dollars?

Eric: It's quiet for you, bro.

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(chess) A seemingly subtle move that provides a player with a large advantage.

"If black plays king g8, than the quiet move king h2 gives white a winning advantage."

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absence of noise or bustle; silence; calm.

"After several months of comparative quiet, the scandal re-erupted in August"

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That ominous near-but-not-quite silence just before something happens.

"What an eerie atmosphere," I said. It was quiet, too quiet...

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