Definder - what does the word mean?

What is quicker?

The redneck version of very fast. My dad is a redneck so I know alot redneck stuff.

Man that boys quicker than a dog!

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Quicker - what is it?

is a combination of testosterone stupidity at an altime high and a new form af male pms...only men with the name johnathan can posses this name

johnathan is an ass quicker!!!

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What does "quicker" mean?

Classy: Prior to self ejaculation one applies a condom to his penis to release his seminal fluid, no clean up required...

Ghetto: Throw a rubber on your shit and beat the meat til you load that shit up and throw that bitch out. I ain't bout that cleaning shit.

Hey man you shouldn't keep that rubber in your wallet, it makes it less effective... No worries dude I'm just using it for a quicker picker upper (qPu)

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Quicker - what does it mean?

A liquor quicker dicker is one who uses alcoholic beverages to aid in fast seduction.

Juan found the ladies much compliant after cocktails; he was called a liquor quicker dicker at the bar.

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Quicker - meaning

When something is so quick, it is too quick to think of using the correct English.

Qadeer: A real Lamborghini is more quicker than my hotwheels one

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Quicker - definition

To drop your pants in a park, lie down, put french fries on your balls and let the seagulls eat the fries.

Max pulled a quicker.

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Quicker - slang

1. Like a quickie, but quick-er

Sally: Quickie? I only have two minutes.
John: Well how about a quicker?

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