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What is quarter?

A slang name for a queer, able to be said in public because no one will get it.

"Dude, this beach sucks. It's full of quarters."

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Quarter - what is it?

a condom or also known as a rubber

so playa ya eva got a chance 2 use that quarter.

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What does "quarter" mean?

somebody who is of 4 different unusual races, like a chinese, black, indian, and arab.

anthony is a fuckin quarter and gets beat up at school at everyday because he looks like a fuckin retart quarter

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Quarter - what does it mean?

stateing a male is a quarter is supposed to be the same as calling a female a dime shouts outs to males for good looks,nice bodys,good music,nice writeing ect.

female slang 1. ah girl that dude is a quarter he keeps money he looks good and hes and entrepanurer

male rap slang 1. im quarter nigga its nothing lower figures
all up in the stincils ah im a quarter nigga..

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Quarter - meaning

short for Quarter mile as used in racing.
also referring to a quarter mile race track.

Me: Hey dude wat does your car run in the quarter?
Ricer: man I run 15's my turbocharged neon is the shit!
Me: um... your an idiot...

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Quarter - definition

7.5 Grams!!!!!!

7.0??? Cheap Bastards

Hey man, got a quarter?

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Quarter - slang

7.5 grams for $50 Canadian vs $120 U.S. Anymore than 7 gs is trafficking?!?! You need to move to canada friend. Any more than a Z is trafficking!

We rolled a quarter blunt and blew smoke in the cops face. CANADA KICKS ASS!!

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a quarter ounce or 7 grams. not 7.5 grams as some one said before. 1 oz = 28.3 grams (divided) by 4 = 7.075 grams but commoly rounded to 7 when selling any type of drug.

yo im selling some nice ass banger for 55 a quarter

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(V.) To spare the life of an conquered foe.

Do not grant enemy troops quarter.

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One quarter ounce (aprox. 7g) of marijuana; any larger amount could result in trafficing or distribution charges, any less is personal posession.

Shit, dog, we got to smoke some of this bag. If the cops catch me with more than a quarter I'm fucked.

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