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What is pushy?

Pussy that smells like fish (instead of sushi)

She had some smelly pushi.

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Pushy - what is it?

Sushi you tried to make yourself but messed up.

Bought some fish from the store and tried to make sushi at home, ended up with pushi.

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What does "pushy" mean?

Cooler way to say pussy.

Did you know John got wacked last night? He a pushi.

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Pushy - what does it mean?

Another name for a bicycle. Short for push bike

Hey I'm jumping on the pushie and heading down to the milk bar. What anything?

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You got a pushy?
Yeh mate.
You willing to sell?
Nah mate.

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A bicycle, bike, shortened version of the term "push bike"

I'm gunna ride my pushy down sevs

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A mild sexual act in which an erect penis is pressed into a person's back.

"We didn't have condoms so I gave her a sweet pushy, and some smooches, too."

"I gave her a pushy while she was ordering drinks at the bar."

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often times something that impatient people are.

sorry for being such a pushy bitch.
i will try my best not to be so pushy and demanding.
being pushy comes of as bitchy and needy.

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pussy as pronounced by sean connery in james bond

hello pushy

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someone who is forceful & impatient

You don't have to be so pushy I'll do it later.

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